2 Nigs United 4 Podcasting #11

2nigs11 This week in the news, Andrew Caldwell was delivered from his love of men. Michael Dean talked about his experience in the Black church, and wonders why can't there be less show and more knowledge in the church service? Taylor Swift pulls her music from Spotify.

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Michael Dean is the founder and host of PodcastJuice. Michael is also a musician, author. His latest science fiction novel: Truths Destiny is available on Amazon.

  • Correct Vision 3

    First off I really enjoy listening to your podcasts. I also listen to The peach and black podcast but i find myself frustrated while listening to them as they often by pass or misinterpret or dont get the “Blackness” of Prince and his music. You guys come at Princes’ music from a black or non white perspective. If that makes sense. A few comments though on your views of Church an religion. Christianity was preached and spread through Africa before Europe was even a thought…Simon was African and helped Jesus carry his cross. His son Rufus was a disciple of the Apostle Paul. Jesus’ Disciple, Philip answered the Questions of a eunic to the royal family of Ethiopia while passing his chariot. When Peter preached at Penticost there were men of many tribes and lands who heard him speak in their language and believed. You can look this all up in the bible in the book of Acts in the bible. As far as the worship of the black church, their are black churches who display very little emotion in their services. It is funny though that they are usually churches where educated and afluent black people attend. As far as music goes Gospel Music has spawned or influenced every American genre of music. One question for you though.. If fans of sports teams and fans at Rock and Rap concerts can show great emotion at these events. Why cant someone show great joy for the love and gifts and deliverance from God. If you want messages that are clear and speak to your intelect. Those type of churches are out there to. Christianity is not a white man’s religion, Christ probably looked more like you.

    • Thanks for listening and taking the time to leave a comment.

      “If fans of sports teams and fans at Rock and Rap concerts can show great emotion at these events. Why cant someone show great joy for the love and gifts and deliverance from God.”

      I am not against showing emotion when you are moved. My thing is keep it real. If your doing something cuz everybody else is doing it, then thats fake to me. That goes for any event.

      • Correct Vision 3

        I love you guys and enjoy your programs thanks to you and Q for responding to my comment. I just felt that you guys took it a little to far and were somewhat
        insensitive, intolerant, and disrespectful. This is my last word on this. Again thanks.

    • qstorm

      I look at it like this…Jesus was referred to as “rabbi,” which is Hebrew for “teacher.” He was a teacher. When he taught his people, they weren’t whooping and hollering. We don’t expect that from our classrooms either, where teachers are teaching our kids. Like I said in the show, there’s nothing wrong with the emotion, but it just doesn’t ring true for me. I see it as theatrics, but I don’t condemn those who engage in it at all.

  • RocGee

    Hi Michael great show as usual. I found the Taylor Swift discussion very interesting. You both made some good points and I agree if you don’t want your music being used anywhere you should have the right to take it away. Just out of curiosity I notice you play some of Prince and other artists music some times on your podcast. Do you have to pay them for that? Again just curious.

    • Thanks for listening! Are we payi ng to play the music no, tho if Prince or any artist for matter asked us not to play their music we would stop.