2 Nigs United 4 Podcasting #2

Michael Dean and Qstorm talk about Mike Brown and the events in Ferguson Missouri. Can there be any change with just peaceful marches?  Tommy Sotomayor vs Tariq Nasheed air each other out in public, this is not a good look, Many have complained that the James Brown movie 'Get On Up' lacked black writers and producers, Tyler Perry announces new 100 million dollar studio, why are other black film makers like Spike Lee not joining forces with him. Male rapper Daylyt wants to have sex with Diddy.

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  • pdexter

    great show guys!!!It’s good to see two black men with different opinions argue with no love lost.I wanted to step in and call “TIME OUT” lol.Yo Mike, what was the song at the outro of the show?I don’t think I have heard that song and I have heard all of P’s stuff.

    • The outro song..haha one of the many P jams that are under lock and key. 🙂

      • pdexter

        rubbing it in Mike?Not cool Mike,not cool lol.

        • The song is called ‘Don’t Letum Fool ya” 🙂

          • Ray

            Any chance of that song popping up out there on the net? Prince is getting his groove on in that song!

          • I don’t know nuttin bout that Ray. It’s up to Mr. Nelson. Thanks for listening!