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  • Correct Vision 3

    I admire your drive and ambition however i would like to hear a topic brought up about the Islam Religion. The radicals vs. the moderates and other aspects of the contradictions of what’s taught in Mosques here and in the Middle east and the reluctance of “peaceful” Muslims to renounce their radical bros. It would only be fair since you like to “Clown” Christians so much on your show. I don;t think you will disrespect them nearly as much!

    Don’t be so quick to isolate your audience because you are not so much a success that you can afford to insult such a large group…This is a business and you ain’t to…

    • Correct Vision 3, thanks for taking the time to write a comment!
      In regards to doing a topic on the Islam Religion in on A Place In This World, not likely to happen, as I have no personal experience with the practice. This show is reserved for things I have been through in MY LIFE.

      I tell you what tho, there are no gatekeepers in the way of YOU creating a podcast or blog about said topic. I clown on things such as the Christian religion because I was raised as a christian, primarily in the black church. So I have a frame of reference for what I’m talking about. Sorry if you find it to be disrespectful or unfair.

      Success is relative. My kids are happy and My momma is proud of me. Success achieved. 🙂 You can continue to listen for free. I ain’t going no where! #10yearsofpodcasting

      • Correct Vision 3

        I have had similar experiences with the church as you, and worse I am a P.K. (Preacher’s Kid) and both parents at that. I have been, Like you have been hurt by Religious people and even lost a friend who was a JW. And I became angry and I hear anger, regret, bitterness, disappointment in your accounts and you seem disillusioned about many things. I get it but your beef is not with the church or church people or JW’s and Christians. It’s with God himself. He allowed all of that stuff and he has a purpose for that pain. This is all I will say about this. I pray you find peace with yourself and God.

        • I have no beef with God. Man maybe but never God. My life is a total blessing. I cannot complain.

  • Correct Vision 3

    I may start a
    Podcast. I know being accountable to listeners and subscribers may be uncomfortable and I don’t comment anywhere on net most of the time. but you remind me of myself in many ways so I want to give you encouragement and positive criticism. both can be equally important so please take no offense for none is intended.

    • No offense taken. I love all input. I cant become a diamond without gettin cut. 🙂