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1. Download all the archived shows! This includes:

The Prince Podcast Archives - 71 hours of reviews, commentary and interviews!

High Heel Boots - Exclusive to All Access! Each show focuses on 2-3 unreleased Prince songs.

Geeked Out - Movie reviews, TV/movie and comic talk - Over 99 hours of Content

A Place N This World - 16 hours of content

The Roundtable - Pop Culture and news stories

Chopping It Up - Early version of 2 Nigs United for Podcasting.

Over 186 hours of PodcastJuice!

2. Holistic Success - Holistic-SuccessIn this engaging, dialogue-based 3-part series, Debrena Gandy Jackson and Michael Dean lead you step-by-step, from an African-American perspective, through a powerful 3-part journey that empowers you to create and live a life of HOLISTIC SUCCESS.

3. 2 Album DownloadsmolovemusicThis podcast started over 9 years ago (2005) as Freedomtrainonline. The 1st show was The Prince Podcast. At the time I had a small office space for my CD duplication business. I had a couple of cheap mics and a super passion to talk about my musical hero Prince. Myself and my best friend Tobias were die hard Prince fans. I 1st heard of podcasting from the great Scott Sigler. After listening to his shows,  I had one of those lightbulb moments and knew I was called to do podcasting. Thats where the journey began.

The Prince Podcast was not enough to contain all the things I wanted to talk about and explore. More podcast shows were added such as; The Roundtable, Geeked Out, and Onblast Media. Also I was joined by other friends, who started as fans and listeners of the show, then would become co-hosts. It’s been a long time dream of mine to do podcasting for a living. Like any dream or goal it can take a lot of hard work and the fair share of failure along the way. It also takes money. My goal with these shows is to entertain and motivate you the listener with authentic and honest conversation. One of the concepts that I have been talking about on the podcast ‘A Place N This World’ is “Work It Like A Job”. Well, thats what I’m going to so. In order to operate this site at a high-quality level, I am introducing a paid subscription model:

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