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High Heel Boots #7


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hh7Review of the 1983 Piano Rehearsal
1. Father's Song
2. Venus De Milo
3. Unknown
4. God
5. Raspberry Beret
6. Unknown
7. Wednesday
8. Do Me, Baby
9. Moonbeam Levels
10. Unknown

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Geeked Out #109


Things start off innocently enough with a review of the leaked Supergirl pilot. Then Sean Hill lets us know if we should see the new Poltergeist remake. Michael B Jordan pens a letter to QStorm, The discussion turns to Jay-Z's Tidal freestyle and all hell breaks loose. Michael Dean, Bigsexy and QStrom get into a fiery debate about the title of 2 Nigs United 4 Podcasting. (Fire starts @  02:00:11)

The Prince Podcast – What If Morris Day Never Left The Prince Camp?

whatifmorrisIn this episode of The Prince Podcast, we take a look at an alternate reality where Morris Day never left the Prince camp. What sort of ramifications would this have had? The Time opening on the Purple Rain tour, The Family, Under The Cherry Moon with Morris and Jesse Johnson's solo career.