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Geeked Out #92 Shaming Black People to see Selma


The PodcastJuice crew call each other out over watching the Selma movie. Should Black people go to see Selma on GP? Is it to painful to watch 'struggle movies'? Do other cultures rush out to watch and support there films?


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The Prince Podcast – The Bottom 5 Prince Songs

bottom5 We at the Prince Podcast LOVE Prince's music. With that said there are a few songs that makes us shake our heads and wonder what Prince was thinkin. Today the PodcastJuice crew give their 'Bottom 5' Prince songs.


Links - Lake Minnetonka aka What I Learned From Prince

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This Is What We Do #38

TSWWD381:48 - Paul McCartney and Kanye West and being aware of pop culture, Pop artists, motown and "real artists".
37:05 - T.C. Ellis - True Confessions The movie he was is was Laurel Avenue., Tony M.
45:58 - Under The Cherry Moon and Graffiti Bridge movie talk
45:35 - Protesting Whites having Brunch
49:24 - Keshia Knight Pulliam fired from Celebrity Apprentice for not calling Bill Cosby
57:35 - Gotham TV show
1:05:08 - Sean Hill passes on seeing Selma
1:10:43 - BONUS AFTER THE SHOW TALK - Prince looks that go to far and Graffiti Bridge

Links - Lake Minnetonka aka What I Learned From Prince

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This Is What We Do #37

TSWWD38PodcastJuice is not always the home of politically correct speech. In this episode we give our views on the recent suicide death of Leelah Alcorn. Our prayers go out to the family.
1:48 - Transgender Teen Commits Suicide
51:49 - Father disciplines son for gang related posts
1:03:31 - Madonna Trolls the internet
1:08:32 - Macklemore Hot 97 interview
1:22:10 - Boyfriend catches girlfriend in 3 some

Links - Lake Minnetonka aka What I Learned From Prince

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Geeked Out #90 – The Wire

geedoutitunes89The PodcastJuice crew start 2015 off with a look at the HBO series The Wire.
- Geeked Out Trivia
13:18 - The Wire Discussion
1:10:07 - Top Comics of 2014
1:21:56 Neill Blomkamp posts ALIEN movie concept art

Links - Lake Minnetonka aka What I Learned From Prince

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2Nigs United 4 Podcasting #15 Meet Me in Temecula

2nigs15Michael Dean and Qstorm talk about the new Prince book by Alan Light; Let's Go Crazy: Prince and the making of Purple Rain. The great debate was Prince the biggest genius of the 80's?

Judd Apatow called out Bill Cosby concert promoters on twitter. Are all of the 30 women accusing Cosby lying?

Apparently black men are fighting over Kobe Bryant on twitter and meeting in real life to beat each other ass.

This Is What We Do #35 Art vs Culture

This Is What We Do PodcastAfter the hacker group The Guardians of Peace promised 9/11 style attacks on movie theaters in the US who screened the Seth Rogen film; The Interview, Sony has canceled the films release.
The PodcastJuice crew fire up the mics and weigh in on this unprecedented move by Sony.

Also discussion on VH-1's Sorority Sisters reality show.

Under The Cherry Moon Commentary

Exclusive to our All Access Members!


Ever wish there was a commentary to the Under The Cherry Moon movie? Well we had the same wish. Grab your copy and watch along as we give our thoughts on the movie.

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