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2 Black Dads Speak – Trayvon and Going Forward

Trayvon Martin with his father Tracy Martin in an undated photo

George Zimmerman Not Guilty. 2 Black fathers look ahead and debate what should black people do next. Can we stop the violence in the inner cites and change the perception of our youth? Should we be outraged at ourselves 1st and the Zimmerman's of the world 2nd?

Meagan Good The New 1st Lady?


Meagan Good let it all hang out at this years BET Awards. The newly married actress and her husband Devon Franklin (he is a Seventh Day Adventist pastor), presented the Best Gospel Artist Award.  Pry your eyes away from the danger zone and think for a second, she is a preachers wife. She is the 1st Lady. Is this what's popping at the church these days? I ain't been in a while but GOTDAMN! What time is Sunday school?

To be clear I dont' have a problem personally with her dress. (That's the thirst speaking) We have to ask the question tho, is this respectful to the Gospel music culture? You wouldn't have Lil Kim with the pasties on, present an award to Kirk Franklin. I wonder did her husband co-sign this look? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Geeked Out Man Of Steel REVIEW

This is it, our official review of Man Of Steel. This week we are joined by JM Bovee from The Retail Pharmacy Podcast as we go into a deep discussion about this reboot of Superman.


QStorm's Blog


Sanaa Lathan CookieDough

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Sanaa McCoy Lathan (born September 19, 1971) is an American actress and voice actress. She has starred in many films, including the box-office hits Love & BasketballAlien vs. Predator,Something New, and The Family That Preys. Lathan was nominated for a Tony Award for her performance on Broadway in A Raisin in the Sun. In 2010, she starred in the all-black performance of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at the Novello Theatre in London.

Mother of Shooting Victim Let’s Loose Pit Bulls on TV Reporter

[youtube id="9fERCjdQQRY" width="600" height="350"]

When keeping it real goes REAL.

We'll let tell you the details:

Abbey Niezgoda and Marc Jackson went to the home of Melissa Lawrence on Tuesday to ask her for a comment regarding the shooting of her 16-year-old daughter. Though the ABC 6 crew stayed on the public street in front of the Lawrence home, they were attacked by the woman.

As the video above shows, Ms. Lawrence throw  a rock at the cameraman. When that didn't work, she went in the house and got her bat. When the news reporter still didn't take the hint and get the hell from up front her house. Ms. Lawrence let 2 pit bulls out the fence and old school sicced them on the TV reporter. To be clear we here at Podcastjuice don't condone such behavior. Those pit bulls could have savagely mauled that lady. BUT. She wasn't hurt and she came to her sense and dropped the microphone and kicked rocks down the alley. Ms. Lawrence ended up catching a case. She was charged with 2 counts of felony assault. The cameraman aint do a damn thing but film. He wasn't messing with them dogs.



After Earth Review


I went into this movie unaware of the "critical" backlash it was getting by other reviewers. I walked out of the film loving it. Action Sci Fi but with a emotional spin on it. I go into greater detail on why I enjoyed the movie so much in the podcast. One of the main reason I identified with this film was that it centered around a father and son dynamic. Also the imagery of a black father and son protagonists in a science fiction film is unto itself ground breaking. The fact that Will and Jaden are father in son in real life is just icing on the cake.  Co host Qstorm has not seen the movie, but has read the bad reviews online. Has his opinion of the movie been tainted by those reviews? Does cynicism get in the way of our own perception of movies, before we see them? Listen to the show and find out.