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A Place N This World

A Place In This World #6

Many times we talk about the plight of the black family. Well what happens when a child is taken from a broken home?  Hopefully they are placed in foster care. This week Michael Dean is joined by Michael Jones aka QStorm.  Qstorm the very out spoken and some would say controversial member of PodcastJuice, shares his experience of being a foster parent. The joy of bringing a little baby home and the pain of having to give up the child, you have fallen in love with.

I Michael Dean want to thank Qstorm for sharing his story with us. To you the listener, I hope you will be motivated and inspired to show love to the little ones in your life.


A Place In This World #4 Be Abnormal

This podcast is about ACTION. Action is more then clicking retweet or share on Facebook, You must PRODUCE and create, then share with the world. On this episode I talk about being abnormal. Being abnormal is the key to your success! Also I share the next phase for PodcastJuice; PodcastJuice All Access. #workitlikeajob

A Place In This World #3 Commitment


On today's show I talk about making a commitment with yourself. The 1st step in the concept of 'Work It Like a Job', is making an agreement with yourself and setting parameters. How much time do you spend on Facebook vs working on your passion?

Michael Dean: @Mdean

Facebook: PodcastJuice

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A Place In This World #2 When Did I Start Hiding?


In this episode Michael talks about struggling with his fear of rejection. Tracing it back to childhood encounters with his parents,  and taking responsibility as a man to make change.

Michael Dean: @Mdean

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A Place N This World – Changing Perspective


A Place N This World podcast returns!

Today's topic: Changing Perspective

A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

3 things I explore to help you change your perspective;

1. Ask yourself why

2. Focus on the good things in your life

3. Does it really matter?



Check this video of Beyonce. This just happened as this episode was published. Watch as a fan pulls her off stage, then watch her response 'after' she finishes her song. She said "Thank you" and kept it moving. Bey is living her Place N This World!

[youtube id="u3FpGiBr-nY" width="600" height="350"]