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Geeked Out #101

geedoutitunes101Marvel teams up with Sony to produce new Spider-Man movies. Is Kanye West fighting for artists or being a crybaby? Reviews of the latest episodes of  The Walking Dead, Gotham and Better Call Saul. Straight Outta Compton trailer discussion.

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Geeked Out #98 Homophobia and the Black community


Is the Black community still the leader in homophobia? Is the homophobia of the Black community at fault the reason for the rise in new cases of AIDS amongst Black women?
Also thoughts on the Marvel’s Secret War

Special guests: Mo'Kelly and Tawala Sharp

Links: The Mo'Kelly Show

Geeked Out #96 White Savour movies

The White Savour movies discussion starts @ 1:40:13, The Boy Next Door review, Whiplash, Tyrese Gibson as Green Lantern, more Storm casting talk, Lupita Nyong'o, Blockbuster films and Oscars, CBS's Supergirl TV show, Justice League Throne of Atlantis movie, White God movie trailer, Qstorm calls out Ant Pooh over the Black White movie.

Geeked Out #92 Shaming Black People to see Selma


The PodcastJuice crew call each other out over watching the Selma movie. Should Black people go to see Selma on GP? Is it to painful to watch 'struggle movies'? Do other cultures rush out to watch and support there films?


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Geeked Out #90 – The Wire

geedoutitunes89The PodcastJuice crew start 2015 off with a look at the HBO series The Wire.
- Geeked Out Trivia
13:18 - The Wire Discussion
1:10:07 - Top Comics of 2014
1:21:56 Neill Blomkamp posts ALIEN movie concept art

Links - Lake Minnetonka aka What I Learned From Prince

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Geeked Out #88 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1


Review of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, Stephen Amell of Arrow talks DC Cinematic And TV Universe, updates of TV shows The Walking Dead and Gotham. The show runs amok when the discussion turns to the rumor of The Walking Dead fan fav Daryl Dixon being gay.