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Geeked Out Man Of Steel REVIEW

This is it, our official review of Man Of Steel. This week we are joined by JM Bovee from The Retail Pharmacy Podcast as we go into a deep discussion about this reboot of Superman.


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After Earth Review


I went into this movie unaware of the "critical" backlash it was getting by other reviewers. I walked out of the film loving it. Action Sci Fi but with a emotional spin on it. I go into greater detail on why I enjoyed the movie so much in the podcast. One of the main reason I identified with this film was that it centered around a father and son dynamic. Also the imagery of a black father and son protagonists in a science fiction film is unto itself ground breaking. The fact that Will and Jaden are father in son in real life is just icing on the cake.  Co host Qstorm has not seen the movie, but has read the bad reviews online. Has his opinion of the movie been tainted by those reviews? Does cynicism get in the way of our own perception of movies, before we see them? Listen to the show and find out.

Qstorm’s Last Words on Man Of Steel “Fate Of Your Planet”

Kneel before the Space Jockey...uh, I mean Zod!

Okay. I don't usually allow myself to get hyped up for summer movies any more because nine times out of ten, I walk away disappointed. But you know what? I am all IN for Man Of Steel after seeing this new trailer. I'm begging the powers that be to let this movie live up to what I'm seeing here.

There's no question this will be filled to the brim with action. I only ask three things:

  1. Show me a more human Superman. As great as Christopher Reeve was, and is still the gold standard, I always felt his Superman was written too much as a hero and not enough of a human being (I know Superman's an alien, but he was raised from infancy on Earth). Reeve's Superman was a boy scout, with a child-like innocence and wore his emotions on his sleeve. "For the first time in my life, everything's clear," he says, his eyes moist as he takes Lois to bed in Superman 2. Ok, that's sweet and nice, but now it's time to see more of a regular guy who's a hero in the blue costume.
  2. Again, as much as I appreciated Reeve's performance as Clark Kent, the physical humor he adeptly played, I want to see less of a clown and more of a normal person who's just a bit socially awkward. Not a comic character (yes, I realize the irony in that statement).
  3. Let the movie be as much about the action as it is about the characters. Looking at the previous trailers, it looks like Snyder will give us some characters that aren't just contributing to action set pieces. Kevin Costner's delivery of the line, "You are my son," is heartwarming (I hate that word, but it always works so well). And I like how he suggests that maybe Clark shouldn't use his powers even when others are in jeopardy. Little things like that indicate that the script gets it right. I just hope that by the 2nd act of the film, these little character beats aren't jettisoned for all balls-to-the-wall action.

To me, Superman as a movie property stands above and beyond any other superhero movie. I never read Superman regularly growing up. I thought the character was silly and juvenile, what with Krypto, Superboy, Supergirl, Kandor in a bottle, Mxyzptlk, red K, green K, yellow K et. al. But when I saw Superman: The Movie and heard the John Williams score, I was all in as a little kid. Then I saw Superman 2 and it blew my head open. Superman was fighting super bad guys on screen! The president kneels before Zod! Superman flies up the Eiffel Tower and saves Paris! Granted that film is a little hard to watch now and a little boring, maybe because I saw it SO many times. As embarassing as it is to say, that movie did for me what the original Star Wars did for many filmmakers today: it was what inspired me to go into video/film production as a career. And ever since Superman 2, I've gone into a Superman film hoping to relive the magic of the first two films. Hasn't happened yet. Bryan Singer came close, but went off the reservation ultimately. So, that's why I say, at least for me, Superman stands above any other superhero movie. And if I'm going by the trailers, this new movie has the potential of making me feel like a kid again.

Geeked Out – Marvel vs. The Cast of The Avengers 2


Charles Ramsey hailed as a hero and rightfully so. Is the media making him out to be a minstrel? Are some blacks being to harsh? We go in! Also Marvel may have a slight problem on there hands in regards to the upcoming Avengers 2.  Rumors are circulating that the actors want more money before the come back for the sequel. Robert Downey Jr. alone made over 50 million on the 1st Avengers movie. Now with Iron Man 3 having just made over 1 billion at the box office (Worldwide), Marvel is gonna need to open there wallet to get him back.  How much is to much? Qstorm thinks Marvel can pay 100 million to the cast alone., then another 200 million to make the movie.  Should Marvel spend 300 million on The Avengers 2?



ABC releases a 3 min trailer for the new TV show 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Picking up after the events of The Avengers and the return of Agent Phil Coulson played by Clark Gregg.

[youtube id="PerIAuv27SQ" width="600" height="350"]

Iron Man 3: Final Words

My name is Stark...Tony Stark.

"My name is Stark...Tony Stark."

To paraphrase a well-known saying, this movie as a whole is not greater than the sum of its parts...but some of its parts are pretty damn good. That's what makes the movie a little frustrating. For every scene that blew me away, there were two or more scenes that made me scratch my head.

Iron Man 3 picks up where the Avengers left off, and Tony Stark is suffering from PTSD, after having been in a battle with alien invaders, a demi-god and after having flown into another dimension with a nuclear bomb. The problem is, this subplot, which could've been very interesting, is never really developed.  Rather it's shoe-horned in merely as a callback device to  tie it to the Avengers and thereby remind us that Avengers 2 is on the horizon. Now that Stark has incorporated artificial intelligence and autonomous mental control between himself, his suits and JARVIS, there's a great moment between a sleeping Tony Stark and Pepper Potts which demonstrates how dangerous Stark can be when mentally unstable. But again, it really goes nowhere. But mentioning JARVIS and artificial intelligence raises another conundrum I had with the film.

There were times in this film when I thought the title should have been Iron Suit as opposed to Iron Man. I mean, there are long stretches of this film where Tony Stark uses JARVIS's AI to control the suits remotely, which begs the question, at what point does Tony Stark cease being a superhero and rather becomes a Rockem Sockem Robot player? Is it fun to watch a superhero control his suits from afar, out of harm's way? Does it beg the question, if the suits can perform so well autonomously, why would Stark ever wear them in the first place? And, by the way, Stark should forget about designing Iron Man suits and patent JARVIS, who has one hell of a wifi network.

There are also stretches of this film where I felt like Robert Downey, Jr. must have lobbied to have a James Bond/Jason Bourne action set piece, because there are scenes where Stark takes out bad guys so efficiently without the use of his armor, you wonder if he could've chopped it up with Captain America on the heiicarrier in Avengers. Really out of character and one scene in particular plays like a parody of Bond. There is also an interminable middle act that features Tony Stark trapped in Tennessee (??) with the aid of a 13 year old boy who apparently comes from the Charlie Brown universe because we never see nor are given any indication that his parents exist.

Then there's the biggest, most egregious error this movie makes: the Mandarin. Chances are you know what I'm talking about by now, but I still won't spoil it. What I will say is that, even though Iron Man was not one of the comics I read or collected growing up, I was still furious over the portrayal of the Mandarin. What Shane Black did to this character is unforgivable. And it's irreversible. Again, not spoiling it, but let's just say now the Mandarin can never exist in the Marvel movie universe. And no, he doesn't die. But despite the unfortunate turn that the Mandarin character experiences, Ben Kingsley kills it.

Having said all this, there are scenes that are incredible. Tony Stark's house being blown up by the Mandarin, the standout scene of Iron Man rescuing passengers of Air Force One, a scene where Tony Stark acquires his armor piece by piece during an escape. The climactic scene at the end is cool, but is an exercise in overkill and bad guys become nothing more than videogame targets much like the Chitauri in Avengers. GREAT scenes. This, along with some pretty cool bad guys, makes the movie worth seeing. But you might find yourself wishing than Tony Stark would get the hell out of Tennessee and get back in the suit. 3/5 reels, 3D not recommended

Geeked Out – Ironman 3 Review


Michael Dean and Q Storm review whats sure to be a box office champ, IRONMAN 3. Can Marvel top the Avengers? Does it need to? Robert Downey Jr. once again reprises his role as Tony Stark aka Ironman. Taking place after the events seen in the Avengers and introducing a new foe, The Mandarin, Ironman is forced to go back o the basics.


1st Look at VH1’s TLC Movie

VH1 home of black ratchet television (BRT) has released a promo picture from there upcoming bio movie "Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story". Yes thats right a movie about TLC. Now we can all see how Pebbles jacked them for there money.

The movie stars: Lil Mama(Left Eye), Keke Palmer (Chilli), and Drew Sidora (T-Boz). I wont front they do have the look down. No release date yet but sometime this year. All I wanna know is where is the New Edition movie?? "Shes to young for you JG!



{Photo via VH1}

Poppin Bottles and Natural Disasters = AFTERSHOCK Trailer


Ok so your overseas with ya boys, ya got a box of condoms, you look around and see more hoes then a gold course. (Shout out to Lovesexy) Then here comes mother nature hating on you ballin out of control. Then after that the boys in the hood come for your monkey ass. Well that's what Eli Roth's new movie AFTERSHOCK seems to be about.

Check out the red band trailer

[youtube id="z8BeTjyRK3Q" width="600" height="350"]

Released date May 10, 2013

Grand Theft Auto 5 – Trailer

They might as well just call this "Strictly4 My Niggaz". With that said I will be getting this! HA!

[youtube id="eQzHzmvpWC0" width="600" height="350"]

gtavGTA V is due for release on 17 September 2013, for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

Why I’m buying a PS3 this summer

The Last of Us

1st things 1st..I AM A PC GAMER! Okay with that bit of snobbery out the way...

Sony's PS3 or Playstation 3 may be getting replaced with the launch of the PS4 this Xmas, but for me I got my eyes on buying a PS3. I have always been aware of the console, but the high price has always kept me away. The original launch price was a areufucking $599. (Really Sony??) Well along comes a little game called The Last of Us. The Last of Us is a third person survival horror action game, set in post-apocalyptic United States.

Whats the plot of the game?

The story is set two decades after a cordyceps-type fungus has killed millions, with nature gradually retaking the abandoned cities and towns. The survivors are hemmed inside quarantine zones, completely under the heel of the United States military, with order and screening for any Infected being viciously maintained under martial law. Joel, a hardened black-marketeer within one of the quarantine zones, goes through an event which makes him promise an old friend that he will get a young, fourteen year old girl named Ellie, away from the harsh regime to a resistance group known as the Fireflies. They begin a journey through the U.S., avoiding the Infected, humanoid creatures whose sole aim has become spreading the fungal infection. Joel and Ellie also have to avoid scavengers that survive outside the quarantine zones who see Joel and Ellie as their latest prey. Adding to their problems, the military is determined to find Ellie and bring her back under their power. From Wikipedia

OK that all sounds good and all, but here is some game play that has me ready to drop my cash on this bad boy.

[youtube id="8ZYkj0glnqs" width="600" height="350"]

Hardcore and with a little girl busting a man upside the head with a brink...I'M ALL IN!!

The Last of Us will be released June 14th 2013.