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The Love Puzzle

The Love Puzzle #3 Age Difference


Which do you prefer? Younger man, older woman or younger woman older man? Does age really matter and does it make a difference in a relationship?  Well don't answer just yet.  In this episode of The Love Puzzle, Torrie and Michael discuss and share their experiences of this age old taboo. So Juicers, sit back, relax and enjoy this bumpy ride to the land of digits.

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The Love Puzzle #1

lovepuzzle_logoLove. It is the ultimate and everyone wants to have it, but how is the question. How do find it, grow it, and maintain it?  Everyone, please welcome the new show "The Love Puzzle" to PodcastJuice! In these shows, hosted by Torrie and Michael Dean, they will cover and share every stage of  their loving  relationship in hopes of helping others. Each host has had their fair share of unsuccessful relationships, but were willing to try again. They have succeeded! Join them in there journey of "Putting the Pieces of Love Together."

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