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The Michael Dean Show #16 Dick v Snake: Dawn of Terror

Racist Math Quiz, Teacher gets pregnant by 14 year old student, Roots Remake, Kids at the Zoo, Snake attack in Toilet, Marvel Comics Civil War 2, DC Comics Rebirth, Prince Cause of Death and Remembering Muhammad Ali.

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X-Men Apocalypse Review

Spoiler review of X-Men Apocalypse

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The Michael Dean Show #14 – Manifest and Recognize

Talking about how to Manifest and Recognize things in your life. If your living your dreams do you really need a vacation? Michael thinks we need not feel sad for Prince, he lived his life on his own terms.

Captain America Civil War Discussion SPOILERS!!

Here is it our SUPER SPOILER heavy discussion about Captain America Civil War. We go all in on what happens in the climatic and controversial 3rd act of the movie. Find out what side we fall on TeamCAP or TeamIRONMAN.

The actions of the Black Panther, magical negro or naw?

The Michael Dean Show 7

The Michael Dean Show #7 – The Ghetto Element

Antpoohs Bar room brawl, New Will Smith sci-fi movie coming to Netflix, Michael Jackson's pet chimp Bubbles with get his own movie, MJ Estate sells remaining publishing to Sony, Daredevil Season 2 review, New movie service Screening Room and more.