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The Prince Podcast – Sign “☮” the Times Review Part 1

sign1Join us for a 3 part look at Prince's landmark album Sign "☮" the Times.  Part one we examine side 1 and side 2 (vinyl style). This is one podcast not to miss!

Originally Published Dec. 2013
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The Prince Podcast – Choices


Impromptu show where we take a look at some of Princes career choices over the years. Should Prince have participated in the We Are The World recording, duet with Michael Jackson, and bring the Sign O' The Times tour to America?

Prince Podcast – Who was Ratchet 1st?


With all this talk about Mylie Cyrus and how she is so over the top. We look back at Prince when he had the nickname 'Rude Boy'.  During the 80's Prince was the poster boy for explicit lyrics. Prince created Vanity 6 and in the 90's introduced some could say, the 1st stripper rapper to the world; Carmen Electra.


Also we talk about Who Stole the Soul, or did Black producers give it away. (Yes we go there)

Janelle Monae - Super talented, but is she over the heads of the masses.

What album today is a cross genre hit?

Intro music: [youtube id="Qcq6BFB9B3M" width="600" height="350"]

The Prince Podcast – Prince in the 90’s

In this weeks episode of  The Prince Podcast we are joined by Arthur and Jehan of The Music Snobs Podcast. We tackle the huge topic of Prince in the 90's. With over 15 albums, a name change, Hip-Hop and the infamous battle with Warner Bros, the 90's for Prince was a roller-coaster.  This is one of our longest shows ever. Over 3 hours of hardcore Prince discussion!

Prince Podcast – The Purpleprint

In this episode we review Breakfast Can Wait and more new songs by Prince.  Are  the albums Dirty Mind, Controversy, 1999 and Purple Rain the quintessential albums of Prince's career? Michael Dean argues that everything always falls back to the legacy of those albums. We also ask the question, (and try to answer) who is Prince's core audience?  Fans of his concerts or fans of his albums?

Pimp walk yourself over to iTunes and grab the show, or click the player down below.

Prince Podcast – 3rdEye & Color Struck

We are back with another action packed show. This go round, we get into 3rdEye Girl, reviews of the new Prince songs, Prince to Be Honored at Billboard Music Awards on May 19 and things go off the rails with a discussion about Prince's lack of dark skinned women? Yes We go there!

The Prince Podcast – Dez Dickerson interview

Sit back and relax to a rebroadcast of our interview with the one and only Dez Dickerson. Mr. Dickerson talks about his time in Princes band, sharing some great stories about life on the road with Prince and Rick James.

Download the mp3 here


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André Cymone Rocks It for Obama

André Cymone is BACK! His new song 'America' has been getting major play here at Podcast Juice. The track was posted on André's bandcamp and is inspired by Barack Obama.

This song was inspired by America electing Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States.All net proceeds of sales will be immediately donated to the Barack Obama campaign. The reelection of Barack Obama is imperative, our future is on the line.

Mr. Cymone if your reading this. PLEASE RELEASE MORE MUSIC!! In that order!


The Prince Podcast – Vault Classic, 2007 Year in Review

It's Labor Day weekend, so while your enjoying your 3 day weekend, we take you on a trip down podcast juice memory lane. From the Prince Podcast vault here is a classic show featuring Michael Dean, Monique and Tobias. Prince in 2007 overview. The Superbowl, Planet Earth album and more. Enjoy and hit that donate button.

The Prince Podcast – Perfect Unreleased Review

As we wait for a new album by Prince, the guys take a look at a underground release. Making it's way around the web is a recent collection of Prince tracks called 'Perfect Unreleased Prince'. Filled with outtakes and unreleased songs, 'Perfect' gets the Prince Podcast review treatment.


The Prince Podcast – Under The Cherry Moon Movie Commentary

The Prince Podcast crew gets together and watches Prince's 2nd movie 'Under The Cherry Moon'. Get your copy of the DVD and listen to our resident Prince heads give a hilarious rundown of the movie.