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The Wrestling Rundown

Wrestling Rundown #3

Big Sexy and antpooh are back to prognosticate CM Punk’s chances in the UFC, delve deep into their puroresu fandom discussing New Japan Pro Wrestling’s global plan to dominate the wrestling world and wade through the bullshit spewed by Vince McMahon at CM Punk in his podcast interview last week and Punk firing back! All that plus some good old fashioned wrestling match talk!

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Wrestling Rundown


Big Sexy and Antpooh return with a new episode of the Wrestling Rundown talking the WWE’s Survivor Series recap, New Japan Pro Wrestling and TNA it get TV deals and breakdown the ‘pipe bomb’ first interview of CM Punk going in on his departure from WWE!

The Wrestling Rundown #1


Episode #1 Ant pooh and Big Sexy in Sac grace PodcastJuice with their wrestling knowledge as they launch The Wrestling Rundown! In the first episode they elaborate on what got them into wrestling, the WWE is doing their own digital network, can Daniel Bryan catch a break, is it CM Punk Bitch, just why ant pooh won't attend an indie wrestling show and their old school wrestling match of the week!!!!!

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