Darling Nisi Report : Celebration Day 2

Intro/ Concert Footage

This time we had a morning session so we were the first ones to go through the agenda. Damaris came out once again and we did a moment of silence for P, followed by a moment of celebration as well where we SCREAMED for our professor.

A couple of great quotes from Damaris :

“A year ago we all gained an ancestor.”

“Be proud that your love for Prince is greater than your sorrow.”

“Even if you never touched him you still felt him.”

The concert footage this time with something that we were all ready and not ready to see… Piano and a Microphone Gala footage from the very first show at Paisley Park. Tough because that concert took place on the very stage that we were seated in front of, but it was gentle because he was amazing and playful and very chatty… And have to be honest….Very very sexy on purpose. A Charming Savage to the very end. 💜🕊️

The Revolution Panel

Great moments…

When helping Wendy deal with her first show, the best advice he ever gave her : “When you’re nervous like that, use that feeling. Cut your body and mind in half and you’ll play right on or behind the beat, that’s where the funk is.”

Prince didn’t go to the acting or dance class the rest of the band members had to go to.

To them it was strange to see him riding a motorcycle because it wasn’t really his vibe.

Around the World in a Day was completed before the Purple Rain tour.

Prince liked fried egg sandwiches made by Lisa.

He drove a Fiat at that time.

He didn’t like turning cars off and just left them running for hours. He also encouraged others to do the same, saying that he’d pay for the wasted gas.


Mostly uneventful but I did get an NPG tambourine as a companion for my symbol one! Just need the 3121 one to complete the collection!

Iconography Panel

With Steve Parke, Afshin Shahidi, and Randee St Nicholas.

Both Afshin and Steve fell into their jobs doing things that were not related to their actual talents. In true Prince fashion he saw something in them and developed a new talent and livelihood for both of them.

The 3121 cover was shot in the Green Room at the BET Awards by Afshin.


This image was Prince seriously getting out of car at 5 a.m.


It wasn’t staged. Randee basically followed him around during the 21 nights residency and most of the images were just taking pictures of Prince being Prince. She shot him every night between 2 a.m. and 9 a.m. for 3 weeks straight.

The planet Earth cover was shot at 2 a.m. by Afshin at an after-party…With Steve Parke magic on top!


The cover was approved in about two seconds in a limo as he was leaving for the Alma Awards.

Also SUPER shout out to Randee for this shot from the 21 Nights book (please buy it if you don’t have one. The poem that goes with it is the most teasing….And horrible….And wonderful….). Extra super shout out for her having a large version of this on display as part of this panel…

Next…Ladies and gentlemen…The Revolution!

Not too much to say here of course they killed it! Stokely Carmichael of Mint Condition stepped in to sing some lead vocals for some of the songs. Susanna Melvoin also traded lead vocals with Wendy on songs as well.

Special shout-out for Roadhouse Garden, an interpolation of Mutiny, and bringing Our Destiny out of the vault as a lesson in Musicology.

Today easily could have gone a different way…and I really appreciated that it was super joyful, celebratory, and really just a big party. Fantastic job to the staff!

*Celebration photos from the Paisley Park Twitter

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    It is not Stokely Carmichael the civil right activist it’s Stokely Williams from Mint Condition.