Fired From Paisley Park Tour Guide Speaks

Ronchelle Nelson was recently fired from her job as a tour guide at Paisley Park. She tells her side of the story.

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  • abn

    I wouldn’t want no one parading through my house if I passed and I know Prince would literally flip out on his greedy family if he knew this was going on. Sad

    • Pooh Bugg

      You just said it he passed. He’s not there anymore and should’ve left a will to someone and left step by step instructions on how he wanted things and things can still go awry even with a will. This is how it is now. Deal with it.

      • Prurplerain

        Phuck u! U Asshole!!!!! There is a difference between right and wrong and moral. Go shit on urself. Deal with that u ugly prickface!!!!


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  • abn

    They want $$$$$$$$$. Where is that will, please God save us.

  • Lisa Lamb

    Unfortunately, this young lady’s firing is common. We already know that as minorities we are viewed with suspicion generally.
    Graceland LLC, to my understanding was brought in to run “Paisley Park”. That’s what they’re doing. Buisness is not always nice.
    From what this young lady is saying, there are details that need to be addressed. Professional training needs to take place.
    As far as pictures, there’s no reason to visit if you can see everything online.
    We have to live above reproach, that’s the way it is, that’s the way it’s been and will be.


    She was only on the job 2 months but yet she speaks as if she’s been there much longer. I hope she can move on to better things in her life especially a more stable job and put this terrible experience with the management of Paisley Park behind her.

  • R

    Not sure how I feel about her being fired. She does seem genuine in her concern for Paisely Park and preserving the legacy of Prince. If the area was an approved area and they were off the clock and they purchased the required flashdrive-it seems like the rules were followed….so it was the company that oversees Paisley Park that let her go? Is there more to it? I’m curious does Tyka have input in the running of Paisley ?
    The first people to visit must know how lucky they were…by the time I get there everything will be behind glass and under plastic. I do hope to go there one day. I read about the Prince Exhibition in London. Please visit OKC-Dallas!

  • cmc

    I visited Paisley Park in April. I had also visited last Oct when it opened. Yes, things have been removed or put behind plexiglas so the experience was not the same. Also I am a Black GAW and was treated by the guide on my VIP tour as if I was a criminal because I was the last one going thru the rooms in an attempt to see as much as I could. She was so negative toward me that twice other members of the tour group felt comfortable in berating me for asking questions. I was not rude to anyone. Needless to say, I was p’d but I could not hold a negative feeling being in Paisley Park. I did complain upon leaving, tho, and hoped that they would hire some more Black guides who could relate a bit better to the Black visitors. Yes, there was a racial tone to the negativity I felt. SO wrong 4 the place that has in its front door: “…All the time u waste in that paper chase is time better spent in these arms of mine.” Glad they offer a 3 hour tour. That is a least the time needed to visit this wonderful place. Black people visit Paisley Park, too.