Geeked Out – Marvel vs. The Cast of The Avengers 2


Charles Ramsey hailed as a hero and rightfully so. Is the media making him out to be a minstrel? Are some blacks being to harsh? We go in! Also Marvel may have a slight problem on there hands in regards to the upcoming Avengers 2.  Rumors are circulating that the actors want more money before the come back for the sequel. Robert Downey Jr. alone made over 50 million on the 1st Avengers movie. Now with Iron Man 3 having just made over 1 billion at the box office (Worldwide), Marvel is gonna need to open there wallet to get him back.  How much is to much? Qstorm thinks Marvel can pay 100 million to the cast alone., then another 200 million to make the movie.  Should Marvel spend 300 million on The Avengers 2?

Michael Dean is the founder and host of PodcastJuice. Michael is also a musician, author. His latest science fiction novel: Truths Destiny is available on Amazon.

  • For real tho, Robert Downey Jr. earned that money. Without him and his performance owning Tony Stark, Iron Man does not make the money it does, ala Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow and Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones. You have to break the bank to keep him. Now I also feel that Samuel L., Scarlett Johansson, then Chris Hemsworth in that order are neccessary. The rest are replacable.

    • If nothing else I would bring Robert back for the Avenger movies. Tho I feel like the James Bond movies any great actor can play the role.