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  • SeeNote

    Hello MD (and company),

    I’m happy to finally be an All Access member! As always, I look forward to the insight offered by you and your panel on all things Purple. Terrific job in this regard, as it pertains to Groovy Potential, which I completely share your appreciation for. As for She’s Just a Baby (what great quality you have for the snippet played, by the way) I was hoping for more context behind the song’s creation, speculating as to his personal inspiration for the sparse melody (Susan Moonsie or whatever a closer look may have warranted). This is my entirely subjective opinion however, as the song is a personal endearment of mine, ranking high in the coveted list of unreleased Prince material that we all thirst for.

    The review of Computer Blue could have used a broader panel for a more in depth analysis of the 14 minute opus but thanks to you, I have renewed interest in this beast of a song. I’ll definitely have to plug in and compare the various versions you mentioned.

    Thanks again for having me on board for the All Access Xperience (couldn’t help myself). I’m looking forward to the journey!

    “With Peace and Love2tha9s”,