High Heel Boots #6 D’Angelo Black Messiah

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htMichael Dean gives his thoughts on the new D'Angelo album, and why it's shortsighted to compare new art to classic works.

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Michael Dean is the founder and host of PodcastJuice. Michael is also a musician, author. His latest science fiction novel: Truths Destiny is available on Amazon.

  • Christopher Pugliese

    Haven’t listened yet but I’m surprised you guys went in on this record so quick. It’s going to take a lot of listens for me to get my head around it. So much stuff going on.

    • This is just my thoughts on the album not a full track for track review.

      • Christopher Pugliese

        Yeah. I just heard the show, so, now I get what you were trying to do. Great show. I agree that people shouldn’t compare D’s new record to Prince’s new record. Prince is in a completely different place these days. What I do commened D for is just absolutely not caring what anyone thinks . No singles. No trend following. No compromising what he believes in musically. He really made the record he wanted to make. And it’s super experimental production wise. The way some of the sounds come in and out at you so intensely and how the songs will just take off into completely unseen directions. Don’t know if I’ve heard anything like it before. A long time ago, I think like 1986, Prince gave an interview with a radio DJ from Detroit named Electrifying Mojo.In that interview he talked about all these new sounds and colors he was going to add to his future music. He talked about how he had only scratched the surface and was planning to do all sorts of experimental stuff. It never really happened. I always thought Prince got cold feet on that. Like, he had one foot in the pop world and one foot in the Zappa world. In the end, he got scared to leave the pop world completely and go all in on the experimental ‘follow your heart,’ stuff. D is definitely all in. In this respect, he’s one up-ed Prince.

    • pdexter

      haven’t listened to the podcast (not an all access member anymore making budget cuts) but I can tell you for me all it took was one listen. This album is baaaaangin’. D’Angelo was sorely missed and this album is much needed considering all the B.S. out there. he’s showing you how creativity is done and taking what Prince,George and Sly has done and taking it to the next level.