Interview with Sam Jennings – NPG Music Club

Sam Jennings was Prince's webmaster and creative director from 1998 - 2007. Sam helped to create the websites and the NPG Music Club. Sam shares his journey of creating  the Chicago Prince Nation parties to helping Prince redefine how artists present there music online.

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  • guest

    Ive been thinking about the passing of prince and it just occured to me its like the end of an era Im 22 but I gravitate to older music because i just believe it to be better, higher quality and more authentic. Ive always viewed prince and michael jackson as two sides of the same coin two massively talented men they do different things but there unparrelled in there field they took from the past (jame brown, sly) etc. and in my view completely surpassed it and took it to a new level. Now there both dead prince only living a mere 7 years longer than MJ its a crazy thought to think about. Theres no one today on either of these guys level you just get the clones and copycats (Usher, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Lenny Kravitz these people are complete derivatives and you have people like dangleo who is good but hes still a derivative and lacks the exciting it factor and the abilty to write just fun pop music.) Will you do a show reflecting on the death of prince the end of an era and the state of music today.