Man Of Steel trailer review

Michael Shannon does Terence Stamp proud.

I wasn't expecting much from this movie and was holding out on getting excited...UNTIL THIS TRAILER! It's clear that Zack Snyder knows he has to remove the stench of Superman Returns!

Until this trailer, I was thinking, Zod AGAIN? Really? But after seeing still shots of Michael Shannon suited up and hearing him in the trailer, it's clear he's bringing it. Terence Stamp was excellent as Zod back in Superman II (the movie which, I admit is hard to watch now, but inspired me to go into film and TV production), but Zack Snyder looks like he understands he has to put his own stamp on this Superman outing, as does Michael Shannon, even though they're revisiting the Zod character.

The 2nd amazing thing is that it looks like Snyder is not using John Williams signature score. Again, that piece of music is what opened the door to my love of music (the 1st two albums I ever bought were Thriller and Superman II), BUT...the music I hear underneath the visuals in this trailer seems poised to supplant Williams's famous score. Well, maybe supplant is a strong word, nothing could replace that score. But, again, Hans Zimmer realizes he's gotta bring the thunder and I think this score is going to be a worthy successor.

I'm not going to get into how Superman is not REALLY Superman unless he has the 'S' spit curl and Lois Lane must always be a brunette...let's just say those were a couple of reasons this comic geek was disappointed at first, but now? I'm first in line to see this.

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