Meagan Good The New 1st Lady?


Meagan Good let it all hang out at this years BET Awards. The newly married actress and her husband Devon Franklin (he is a Seventh Day Adventist pastor), presented the Best Gospel Artist Award.  Pry your eyes away from the danger zone and think for a second, she is a preachers wife. She is the 1st Lady. Is this what's popping at the church these days? I ain't been in a while but GOTDAMN! What time is Sunday school?

To be clear I dont' have a problem personally with her dress. (That's the thirst speaking) We have to ask the question tho, is this respectful to the Gospel music culture? You wouldn't have Lil Kim with the pasties on, present an award to Kirk Franklin. I wonder did her husband co-sign this look? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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  • qstorm

    It’s the BET Awards program. Given their programming, should BET be giving out gospel awards? She’s dressed for the overall occasion, and I have nooo–ooooo problem with that dress. If it were a straight up gospel awards show, maybe she should think twice, but as it is, I don’t see a problem.

  • qstorm

    And apparently, pastor-husband didn’t have a problem with it…

  • Kinda reminds of that lady on youtube who was teaching bible study with her nipple out.

  • FACE

    Nothing wrong with her sharing those glorious gifts that the Lord has given her. She is definitely a work of art and beyond beautiful. I mean that shape, those legs, and them damn nipples make any straight man say Thank You, Jesus!