NEW Prince Song ‘U KNOW’

Prince aka Mr. Nelson releases another song from his upcoming album Art Official Age.
UPDATE: Check below this song is a cover/remix of another song.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

This song is a cover!? Play on Captain Saveum

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  • Dr. Claw

    Once again,

    The music >>>>>>>>> everything else. It’s certainly a different sound for Prince, but in a way, the way this song comes off (outside of the actual music) is a lot like his ’90s output. Almost feels as if we are getting “guide tracks” for other artists with Prince vocals still present.

    • Peep the update to the post. This song is a cover/remix of the song ‘Blinded’ by Mila J.

      • Dr. Claw

        Oh dear…

  • Chiraqian

    It’s a nice track which as always shows the man’s versatility. I enjoy the fact he does not want to stay glued to the 80’s as most folks would have him do. A prelude of greater sounds to come.

  • suomynona

    A song that will never be played live. That says it all.

  • Rakabash

    hate the fact that Prince purloined the music from another artist and
    producer but there are some elements that I like. The backmasking while
    Prince sings “how much I want ya” is dope. If this song, Prince’s lyrics
    and production was given to Drake or Nicki Minaj it would get serious
    club play. I fucks with it.

    P.S.-If they shoot a video, Nicki Minaj guest apparance mandated by WB

  • pdexter

    Again and I said this about clouds,Prince doesn’t have to auto tune.Prince doesn’t have to pander to the young crowd and it’s funny hearing him use auto tune on an album called ART OFFICIAL AGE.When you have a title like that you gotta come with some real like Mike say “head bustin” shit!

  • kco0l;s ChocolateBox

    Its a MASTERPIECE!!!

  • pdexter

    Gave the song a few more listens and I’m kind of feeling it now,but still could do without auto tune though.