This Is What We Do – Dirty Macking

The fellas discuss Week 2 box office returns of Batman v Superman and news that Warner Bros. are doing reshoots of Suicide Squad. Then we get into millennial bitchness as turmoil strikes within the Los Angeles Lakers as D'Angelo Russell snitches out Swaggy P to Iggy Azalea. Empire is back, Rolling Stone lists the Top 30 Music Biopics and we chat a bit about the 30th Anniversary of Prince & the Revolution's Parade!!! Fun packed 2-hour show. #WorkItLikeAJob

The Michael Dean Show 7

The Michael Dean Show #7 – The Ghetto Element

Antpoohs Bar room brawl, New Will Smith sci-fi movie coming to Netflix, Michael Jackson's pet chimp Bubbles with get his own movie, MJ Estate sells remaining publishing to Sony, Daredevil Season 2 review, New movie service Screening Room and more.


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Joseph P. Illidge, former editor of DC's Batman, former Milestone editor, and co-owner of Verve Entertainment shares his thoughts about the power of the blend dollar at the Black Comic Book Festival held this past January at the Schomburg Museum in Harlem.


High Heel Boots #11


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In this episode a look and listen at The NPG Diamonds and Pearls band, Prince and the Revolution jamming to The Screams of Passion, Morris Day and Jamie Starr make a Summertime Thang 11min work out.

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Sean Hill Reviews TRIPLE 9


Ex-Special Forces member Michael Atwood (Chiwetel Ejiofor) leads a crew of corrupt police officers and former soldiers (Anthony Mackie, Clifton Collins Jr., Aaron Paul and Norman Reedus) in a daring bank robbery that ends in a frenzied freeway shootout. As Detective Sergeant Jeffrey Allen (Woody Harrelson) investigates the spectacular crime, he is unaware that his own nephew, straight-arrow cop Chris Allen (Casey Affleck) has unknowingly been partnered with one of the robbers on Atlanta’s gang task force. When ruthless Russian mob boss Irina Vlaslov (Kate Winslet) strong-arms the crew into attempting one last, seemingly impossible robbery, they decide their best hope is to divert the entire police force’s attention by staging a “999” incident — cop code for “officer down.”

The film gets off to a very good start with its opening bank robbery and ensuing freeway chase and shootout. From there it is a long slope downhill slope into mediocrity. . TRIPLE 9 makes the most crucial error of falling into the category of a being a thriller with no thrills. To say the film is unoriginal is an understatement. This film is very similar in plot as the 2012 Ah-Nuld film SABATOGE which is far superior to this film. Despite the good cast giving good performance, particularly Harrelson, channeling his inner Matthew McConaughey, and Affleck, the film goes nowhere. These are good characters trapped in a bad film. As much as I liked some of the characters the film did not seem to have time to properly develop them. Motives are unclear and some of the relationships are given superficial treatment.  My mind started to wonder during the film thinking these are smart actors; what was it that they saw in this lackluster script that attracted them to be involved in this film? Being shot in Atlanta it does not appear the travel to an exotic location was the attraction. This is no diss to my home state.

I kept waiting for something, anything to happen to make me sit up in my seat and take notice. Once the end credits starting rolling I still sat there waiting on something to happen. That moment never came. Skip this film and see SABATOGE or better yet TRAINING DAY instead. Even see television’s SHADES OF BLUE with Jennifer Lopez is better than this film. All TRIPLE 9 has to offer is an A-Level cast in a B-Level movie. A bit of insider information; typically at a screening I am asked to provide my initial thoughts on the film. My words to the studio rep were “this is a by-the-numbers run-of-mill cop thriller slightly elevated by good acting.” You will not see that in the ads for this film.

The Michael Dean Show – #3 Work It Like A Job Wednesday

Show3What things do we place in the way of us working on our gifts? In this episode Michael outlines some of the obstacles we place in our way?

Do you have time to watch all the tv shows?

Playing to many video games?

Spending to much time on social media?

Feel like you can't move forward because you don't have the right equipment/tools?

Tips to change our mindset and a review of the new book by LA Reid 'Sing to Me: My Story of Making Music, Finding Magic, and Searching for Who's Next'