2 Nigs United 4 Podcasting #9

2nigs9Warner Bros announces there big super hero movie plans, Robert Downey Jr. joins Captain America 3, More ebola talk, Should the US send troops to fight ISIS? Man pulls over cop for breaking the law and lets him off with a warning. Intro: QStorm goes Nagger!

Michael Anthony Deans debut novel:
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Geeked Out #85

- Robert Downey Jr.'s new movie 'The Judge' opened at #5 on the box office is his box office bankability in jeopardy?
20:41 - Marvel to cancel Fantastic Four comic.
34:08 - Daredevil tv series 1st costume revealed.
37:25 - Which shows would your like rebooted?
50:49 - Bigsexy watches Hollywood Divas.
55:13 - Andre 3000 produces cover of Prince's Nothing Compares 2 U with Aretha Franklin.
1:05:45 - Q Storm on Tracee Ellis Ross
1:08:26 - Kill The Messenger Review
1:13:53 - Gone Girl discussion
1:23:15 - Constantine TV show review
1:36:00 - Powers trailer

Chopping It Up – Internet Gangsters

chopping-itupOver the years we have recorded hundreds of shows. Some last the test of time, some just last 2 - 3 episodes. The Chopping It Up podcast was an idea from 2010 that lasted for only 3 shows.

Episode 1 from 11/30/2011. Peep Michael Deans wild sermon intro. Features: QStorm , Orlandus Thomas and Michael Dean.
Internet Gangsters - Conrad Murphy - Occupy Wallstreet


2 Nigs United 4 Podcasting #8

2nigs8A young mother of 3 is murdered for not giving her phone number to a man. Qstorm and Michael Dean get into a heated war of words over Qstorm bringing up the deceased mothers "dysfunctional" behavior at a time of "healing". Also; Blackish episode 3 review, Raven Symone “I’m tired of being labeled. I’m an American. I’m not an African-American, I’m an American.” and High School hazing like you never heard  before!


High Heel Boots #3

hh3Exclusive to our All Access members!

The Prince Podcast and The Music Snobs join forces for our members only show High Heel Boots. This week we review:
1. Adonis & Bathsheba
2. Everybody Wants What They Don't Got

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Geeked Out #84


01:57 - Prince Age Official Age Album Sales
18:55 - Gone Girl Review
27:14 - Flash TV show Non Spoiler Review
43:46 - Star Wars Rebels Review
48:42 - Star Wars 7 Rumors
1:04:15 - Family Guy Simpsons Crossover
1:14:45 - Redbox/Verizon cancel streaming service
1:20:36 - Blu-Ray, VCR and When we 1st got cable
1:36:53 - Our favorite Saturday Morning Cartoons
1:50:58 - CBR Top Moments in Marvel Comics

2 Nigs United 4 Podcasting #7

2nigs700:46 - Which apocalypse would you choose?
04:06 - Ebola has hit the United States
18:11 - Paula Deen and Steve Harvey have teamed up to Mentor Young Boys. Would you send your son?
49:56 - Netflix will produce their own movies with Adam Sandler. Theater chains are not impressed.
1:10:24 - Forget 911 The Secret Service is a joke


Prince Podcast – Yahoo Livestream Review

mayaPrince teamed up with Yahoo's Live Nation channel for a release party Live from Paisley Park. The event was to celebrate the release of the 2 albums Art Official Age and Plectrumelectrum. Hosted by Youtuber Shameless Maya.

Michael Dean, Qstorm and listener Raka Bash give their review.


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This Is What We Do Podcast #27

00:54 - Review of Blackish
00:29 - Review of Denzel Washington's Equalizer
45:37 - Cop shoots unarmed man reaching for his driver licence
1:05:36Ferguson Police Chief Sparks Riots
1:15:18 - Man fired from job come back to behead coworker
1:20:31 - The Fappening Continues
1:28:51Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose
1:32:10 - Avengers 3 split into 2 movies?
1:35:15 - Who told Kayne he should have sideboobs?


Prince Podcast – Art Official Age REVIEW

AOAThe Prince Podcast teams up with Arthur and Jehan of The Music Snobs for a very special review of the new Prince album ART OFFICIAL AGE.

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Prince Podcast PLECTRUMELECTRUM Review

The guys get together and do a track for track review of Prince and 3rdEyeGirl's PLECTRUMELECTRUM album.

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2 Nigs United 4 Podcasting #6

00:42 - Women gets a 3rd breast
03:52 - Omari Hardwick has words for people hating on his  wife on twitter. Are Black male celebrities crucified for dating white women?
23:19 - News reporter quits live on the air.
29:07 - Forbes names the 10 money makers in Hop Hop.
39:27 - Students walk of class over possible white washing of US History in class.
47:32 - Teacher uses the N word in class. Justified or out of line?