PRINCE Album Review

On this episode of The Prince Podcast, we talk about the opening Paisley Park Museum, review Prince's 2nd album PRINCE. Special guest Arthur from the Music Snobs

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Michael Dean is the founder and host of PodcastJuice. Michael is also a musician, author. His latest science fiction novel: Truths Destiny is available on Amazon.

  • Dream331

    Thank you guys so much for this conversation on Prince, not only on what’s to come with the museum and everything but also bringing back so many great memories with the Prince album. I’ve always returned to this record year after year after year and it never ceases to satisfy. I was in the 11th grade when this came out and very lucky in that at the time my father owned record stores in Houston. I remember the Prince record the same way with the For You record delivered in a box as a promotional copy. Each time we received a record that had a little buzz or just looked interesting, it went right on the record player in-store. I can remember all too well when Sexy Dancer came on and the reaction of afro wearing, perm having brothas and sistas in the store dancing in bell bottoms. This being Texas you would even catch brothas in overalls poplockin or whatever the dances were back then. Then somebody would be like “who in the hell is that playing, man!?!?” That album sold like crazy in the store as long as we were only playing Sexy Dancer or I Wanna Be Your Lover or my favorite It’s Gonna Be Lonely. Those were the tracks that got the attention. As much as I personally loved Bambi, that track scared folks. You would see a lot of frowns on peoples faces. Yes indeed… memories.. Thanks for bringing it all back!

  • Jana Oregon

    Bambi! Yes! Prince w/ 3rd EYE Girl would have rocked this as well, I agree. Loved the whole podcast guys, and appreciate your impressions on each song. I haven’t scrolled down to all your Podcasts, but would love to hear impressions about some of his interviews, too. Such an interesting, enigmatic guy. ( he was so hands on with everything, music, business, technology, fashion, heck he even did his own make-up,, ) Anyway I digress,,
    Thanks for this wonderful podcast. I loved his second album, wore it out. Bought another..and yea, as a young woman stared at the cover for hours.. Peace and truth.