Prince Podcast – Pitching the Prince Bio Pic

At some point Hollywood will make a Prince bio pic movie. We take a shot at pitching a Prince movie. What things from Prince's life must be included. Also a  review of some recent leaked Prince songs.

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Michael Dean is the founder and host of PodcastJuice. Michael is also a musician, author. His latest science fiction novel: Truths Destiny is available on Amazon.

  • Dream331

    Hey Michael Dean! This was a very cool episode.. kept me riveted with all those ideas and stories.. All of those alone would make not only one helluva movie but also a very long movie! Prince has had an incredible life and career that most would only dream of having. I mean, so many experiences that would make for about 20 films. As I mentioned on twitter, I would love to see that time period when he was on tour with Rick James and stealing at the time Denise Mathews away. I’m sure there’s a ton of tour stories that Andre Cymone could share about that time period. I also think there was a really deep love between Prince and Vanity that may have stayed with him for a very long time as evident by when she passed away and how he spoke briefly about her in concert in Oakland on the piano and a mic tour. I know you guys mentioned Mayte as I believe that also was a very deep and genuine love for him but I think Vanity was special to him for a while too..

    By the way, I was just reading an article on Rollings Stone about how they recently found written details of how Prince wanted a museum to be; the concept, how the fans would experience it, etc. There’s even a timeline of his life during the 90’s written on a wall and lots of lyrics and song ideas, etc. All of this he supposedly wrote during the last four months of his life. This only makes me think that if he was that detailed in how he wanted things to go, you would think he’d also write out his wishes with respect to a will but I digress..

    I believe there will be a bio pic at some point and probably two or three attempts at it. I’m hoping that they’ll do a documentary. I remember Spike Lee saying that if he did one it would last 8 to10 hours because of so much material and so many stories.. Anyway, thanks so much for all you do.. Peace!

  • Jana Oregon

    If there is a biopic, I think his quiet philanthropy should be mentioned, he was very generous with his time and money to good causes. Also generous to other artists, he really just loved playing. I would definitely want that portrayed.. the after shows, etc. The big story is how he grew and was always trying to better himself, redemption, so to speak. Could end with a split screen of him playing at R&R Hall of Fame then the whole performance at the Super Bowl..I think it is only 12 minutes. Thanks for your great podcasts. My favorite prince related podcast. Smart , relevant and humorous.