Prince Song Tournament: Round 4

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We've gotten down to the regional finals of PodcastJuice's month-long Prince song tourney. It's clear that Purple Rain is a beast, as Prince's seminal album has placed 5 songs in this round of voting and guaranteed at least one spot with The Beautiful Ones squaring off against Let's Go Crazy. 

Help us decide below by voting and check back with us this weekend as the Final Four songs are revealed on this week's episode of the Prince Podcast!

And if you feeling nostalgic for Prince Podcast discussion, take a listen to our 'Prince in the 90's' episode.

  • Jehan

    if it wasn’t for ‘joy in repetition’ thrashing ‘purple rain’ (so far), i’d give up. cats really love those hits, i suppose.

    it’s also telling that damn near the whole ‘purple rain’ album is still in play in the final 8. wild.

    respect, brothers. this was no easy task.

    • antpooh

      I think next time, we’ll put most of the Purple Rain album songs in one bracket so we can avoid this scenario one album is getting that much representation due to it’s history. Live and you learn.

  • MovieAddict

    That Joy in Repetition decision and as hardcore of a beatdown as it was shocked me. I think I voted the way most everyone else did with the others.

  • MovieAddict

    Don’t get me wrong I LOVE JIR but no way did I ever think it’d beat Purple Rain, especially not like that but then again this could somewhat be song fatigue because even myself I don’t have access to a ton of Prince concert stuff but that is the one song i’ve heard done A LOT live in a lot of different concert sets and even on tv sometimes.

  • KeK21thatPimp

    All I knew about chili sauce is that it had a slide and crotch grab to close, it wasn’t something as a youngster I was doing. Now a back spin, worn, cabbage patch and poppin and lockin that I knew. btw seen purple rain at the walk-in 1984 age 6. Purifying in the waters of Lake Mintaka will always and forever be etched in this mind of mine thank you Apples!!!!