Round 2: Super Purple Prince Song Tournament

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Prince Podcast fans, we had some interesting results in Round 1 of our March Madness themed Prince song tourney.

Gone are high seeds #6 'Endorphinemachine', #4 seeds'Do Me, Baby',  and three #5 seeds 'Anna Stesia', '777-9311' & 'Girls & Boys'! All four #1 region seeds remain and now we need your votes again in round 2 of the Super Purple Prince Song Tourney!

So get to voting below!

View the PDF version of the brackets here: Prince Songs Bracket PDF

  • Jehan

    ‘joy in repetition’ versus ‘forever in my life’ was probably the hardest decision i’ve ever had to take in my life.

    • antpooh

      For me it was Computer Blue and Anotherloverholenyohead!

      • Jehan

        also impossible.

  • Immanuel6

    For me, the tougher battle was Computer Blue and Anotherloverholenyourhead

    • deydroppin

      If I compare the expanded full versions of both tracks, it’s quite easy: Computer Blue. However, if I only look at the album edits, it’s Anotherloverholenyourhead.
      Makes it tough. And I weigh out in favor of Anotherlover….

      • Keith Richardson

        I had to go Computer Blue. I just love the guitars on it too much.

        • Immanuel6

          I love the extended version of Computer Blue, however, Anotherlover is still my favorite.

      • Immanuel6

        Same here, so much fuller composition!!!

  • Keith Richardson

    I went with my first reaction on these without letting me second guess myself.

  • Rakabash

    Chose “Joy In Repetition” over “Forever In My Life”, because the music on “Joy” is mellow and rich. The story telling involved on “Joy” is brilliant, the bass playing is subdued like the rest of the music. Also, the nuances in Prince’s voice on “Joy” is perfect. He didn’t oversing and his vocal harmonies near the end when he goes high capped it off. “I Wanna Be Your Lover” I picked partly because he produced the song with the goal of it becoming a hit after nearly exhausting the recording budget for his first 3 albums. It’s infectious, youthful and still sounds vibrant all these years.

  • Immanuel6

    Same here, I love the intro to Anotherlover. I love Computer Blue, but for me, Anotherloverholenyourhead is a full composition compared to Computer Blue. It is amazing, just this morning I was listening to the five different versions of Computer Blue, however, of the two songs, Anotherlover is my choice.