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Geeked Out #117 COMICON 2015 SUPER SHOW

geedoutitunes117Get ready for over 3 hours of Geeked Out Comicon goodness!
Review of Justice League Gods and Monsters movie, Star Wars The Force Awakens Panel review, Deadpool trailer, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Fear of The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead season 6, Civil War #1, Bill Cosby and much more.

2Nigs United 4 Podcasting #15 Meet Me in Temecula

2nigs15Michael Dean and Qstorm talk about the new Prince book by Alan Light; Let's Go Crazy: Prince and the making of Purple Rain. The great debate was Prince the biggest genius of the 80's?

Judd Apatow called out Bill Cosby concert promoters on twitter. Are all of the 30 women accusing Cosby lying?

Apparently black men are fighting over Kobe Bryant on twitter and meeting in real life to beat each other ass.

This Is What We Do #32


10:33 Obama Immigration

26:18 High School student suspended from school for preaching at school.

39:00 Bill Cosby - The legacy of Cosby forever changed? Why are these women coming out now? Court of Law vs. Court of public opinion.  Does the media presentation of Bill Cosby as 'Americans Dad', cloud our perception?

1:22:41 Michael Phelps girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler has announced she was born a male. We answer what we would if our girlfriend told us she was born a man.

1:39:50 Tyler James Williams: Media Portrayals Of Black Men Feed Black Homophobia.

This is What We Do #29


Michael Dean gets clowned over his old school rap video:

Also we talk about high school students having guns in there class photos, Kids standing up to bullies, Teachers having sex with students, Tyrese addressing gay rumors and Bill Cosby asks QStorm if he's gay. (True Story!)

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This Is What We Do #4


Bill Cosby and Woody Allen both have been dealing with sex molestation accusations this past week, does this make you view there art any different? Valentines Day stories, John Singleton to Direct a Tupac bio film, Little black child running wild in Chucky Cheese,  Reviews of Robocop and About Last Nite, To much Kevin Hart? and Comcast to buy Time Warner.

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