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“Podcasting! The Wave Of The Audio Future!” Episode #46

Join host Darryl E. McCullough with co-hosts Carmen Miller and Erika D. White (A Whitney Petty was off tonight). In this episode the Full Circle group opens with Darryl mentioning how Carmen is responding to text messages better. The group then shares their appreciation to all listeners of the show, especially those who shared episodes with their family and friends. They then give a shout-out to the PodcastJuice Network and discuss their upcoming National Podcast Power Conference which is on September 23, 2017 in Perrysburg, Ohio. This will feature some great podcasters from around the world! There will be Lunchtime Vendors tables and a great live concert following! For more information and tickets please visit The team thanks their gold sponsors for the National Podcast Power Conference, Libsyn, 3Kings Clothing, Podcast Detroit and IT in The D! The group then talks about Last Podcast! In which that topic was "Health & Wellness Life Coaches-Who’s Your Guru?" This episode has almost 400 audio downloads. This is slightly lower than previous shows. Erika explains her reason why people don’t care about health. The group then once again thanks their listeners for helping them reach over 30, 000 audio downloads! For under 50 episodes, this is awesome news! That’s about 700 downloads per episode. Thank you for your support and sharing of our episodes. The group also gives thanks to people for viewing their National Podcast Power Conference promo video. This video has over 600 views on Facebook! Darryl then reminds people that he can sing! He then thanks the various podcast shows that interviewed him this week! On the political side things get rather heated discussing Jemele Hill and her derogatory comments about President Donald Trump. On the entertainment side the crew thanks their sponsor "Marmite Records" produced by Stone Soup Recording Studios. The group then discusses the Emmys and makes mention of several winners! Following this the "National Holiday" is announced! Today is National "Men! Please Stop Sending Text Responses With The Letter “K” day!” Then the crew finally gets into the show topic "Podcasting! The Wave Of The Audio Future!" With their featured call-in guest Dave Jackson who is the host of the “School of Podcasting” that has been downloaded over 1.5 million times! With over 12 years of podcasting and public appearances, he has helped hundreds of people launch podcasts. Dave is an author as well as our Keynote Speaker for the “National Podcast Power Conference. Followed by the "Sanepoet Apology" and "Erika's Fitness Minute." Episode sponsored by Libsyn, 3Kings Clothing, Podcast Detroit, Fit Thick Girls and Stone Soup Recording Studios.