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Geeked Out – Movies of 2015 and Arsenio Hall review.


We take a look at the upcoming flood of blockbuster films coming out in 2015. A look back at Star Trek Into Darkness, Michael thinks it's unwatchable.  Should HBO make there app HBOGO available to everybody and not just cable subscribers?

Other topics:

Orange is the New Black

Breaking Bad spinoff

Man of Steel 2,  Batman will be “tired and weary and seasoned.”

Disney is releasing a Star Wars movie every year after 2015

Iphone 5

A review of Arsenio Halls return to latenite tv.

Geeked Out Riddick Review


Geeked Out Returns! This week Michael Dean, Q Storm and Bigsexy chop it up about the latest in pop culture news. We start the show with a review of Riddick. Review of the ROBOCOP reboot trailer. We give our take on the whole Batman Ben Affleck controversy. Breaking Bad, Comic book talk, The X-Men Battle of the Atom and the DC Comics event 'Forever Evil'. Will Smith in talks to return to Independence Day sequel.

2 Black Dads Speak – Trayvon and Going Forward

Trayvon Martin with his father Tracy Martin in an undated photo

George Zimmerman Not Guilty. 2 Black fathers look ahead and debate what should black people do next. Can we stop the violence in the inner cites and change the perception of our youth? Should we be outraged at ourselves 1st and the Zimmerman's of the world 2nd?

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain – REVIEW

3.5 Stars Let Me Explain
Like most stand-ups Kevin Hart’s movie career has been spotty at best although he delivers one of the funniest lines in recent movie history in the 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN with “First of all, you throwin' too many big words at me, and because I don't understand them, I'm gonna take 'em as disrespect” That is funny stuff but his role is all too brief in the film and left audiences wanting more. As with most stand-ups give them a microphone and a captivated audience and they shoot to the moon. Kevin Hart is no different and he is back on the big screen doing what he does best; making audiences double over with laughter.

The film begins with an overlong segment which has Hart at a party being thrown in his honor and he is being hit with different false rumors and he decides on the spot to play the Madison Square Garden to “explain” his side of things. This then leads to yet another overlong segment which shows Hart performing at different venues across the globe. This segment could have been left out in fact the audience I saw it with seemed a little anxious for the show to get going. Once the show get does get going it does not disappoint. Filmed at Madison Square Garden during his LET ME EXPLAIN tour Hart unleashes his unique look at relationships, fame, kids, being single and horseback riding (yes horseback riding!). Once he hits the stage it is off and running and barely slows down to catch a breath. I do not know how the show actually played live but Hart’s energy level is amazing and he doesn't even break a sweat. I must admit I laughed more than I thought I would. My favorite bits are his buddy’s inability to remember a code they have to avoid saying the wrong thing in front of their women, he’s own signal to let his buddies know to assist him in certain situations and “bum bumps”. Hart apparently found the latter joke so funny he almost could not get it out. One of the things that I have admired about Hart’s humor is that it never seems mean spirited and although he purports everything he talks about to be a true story I doubt that most are but he tells them which such conviction and clarity they just might be.

Undoubtedly this film will be compared to other stand up films such as RICHARD PRYOR LIVE IN CONCERT, YOU SO CRAZY, EDDIE MURPHY RAW and THE ORIGINAL KINGS OF COMEDY and it probably an unfair comparison because they are all funny for different reasons. This is a very funny film and it does not overstay its welcome as the stand-up portion clocks in at about an hour and there is never a dull moment. If there is material on the cutting room floor I hope it appears on the eventual home video release. As it stands this is an excellent document of Hart’s stand up and I highly recommend it. Obviously leave the kiddos at home and enjoy a grown folks time at the movies. With all the craziness in the world we could all use a little good laughter.

Meagan Good The New 1st Lady?


Meagan Good let it all hang out at this years BET Awards. The newly married actress and her husband Devon Franklin (he is a Seventh Day Adventist pastor), presented the Best Gospel Artist Award.  Pry your eyes away from the danger zone and think for a second, she is a preachers wife. She is the 1st Lady. Is this what's popping at the church these days? I ain't been in a while but GOTDAMN! What time is Sunday school?

To be clear I dont' have a problem personally with her dress. (That's the thirst speaking) We have to ask the question tho, is this respectful to the Gospel music culture? You wouldn't have Lil Kim with the pasties on, present an award to Kirk Franklin. I wonder did her husband co-sign this look? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

The Heat – Funniest comedy of the summer? REVIEW


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he modern cop buddy picture has been around started with the release of 1982’s 48 HRS starring Nick Nolte and then film newcomer Eddie Murphy as mismatched partners that must work together to solve a crime. The film spawned a dismal sequel and countless remakes. It seemed like box office gold, just get to popular stars and pair them together and watch the sparks fly. The typical plot of a buddy cop film is as follows. Introduction of a crime and and/or bad guy. Intro of the “lead character” typically the “straight-laced one”. Separate intro of the wilder “loose cannon” character. Two leads discover that have a mutual enemy in the bad guy and discover that they must work together usually. Both are resistant to the idea and think they can do the job alone. They bicker, they fight and during the course of the film they discover a mutual respect for each other. They defeat the bad guy and by the time the credits roll they are not only friends they are ready to return for a sequel. Take a look at the list of buddy cop films here: Buddy Cop Films. There have been all types of pairings in this genre of film but rarely have there been a female buddy cop film. COPYCAT is the only one that comes to mind but that was not a comedy. Well now we have the first female buddy cop pairing with THE HEAT starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

The late Roger Ebert can up with the term “wunza” as any film using a plot which can be summarized by saying "One's a..." This film follows the classic buddy cop formula almost to the letter. One is a straight laced FBI agent (Bullock) and one is loose cannon Boston detective (McCarthy) who find that they must team up to take down a drug dealer. Plot does not matter in these types of film and I won’t spend time talking about it. This film is played for laughs and it is extremely funny and the interplay between the two is top notch. I am not aware of the history of the film but this could have very well have been a straight forward action film that was modified to be an action-comedy much like the original BEVERLY HILLS COP. In fact this film has very little action and it definitely falls into the comedy category almost to the point of parody.

The Heat 3

While Bullock seems to be having fun playing off of her squeaky clean image this film belongs to McCarthy. She provides about 90 percent of the films laugh out loud moments and there are plenty of them to many of them to name. I would venture a guess that a large part of her dialogue came from improve. Now I am typically not a fun of bloopers over closing credits but here I was disappointed that they were not featured here. One can only imagine the amount of fun the two of them had while making this film and it shows on screen. Their chemistry does not seem forced at all and they bounce off each other with ease.

I really enjoyed this film and in fact it was the film that I was looking forward the most to seeing this summer. It did not disappoint in anyway. It is flat out funny and it is one of the funniest movie of the year (21 & OVER being the funniest) I hope that guys do not shy away from this film due to the fact that it has two female leads. The audience I saw it with was mostly couples and there was audible laughter from both sexes. I resist the urge to say that this is the “funniest comedy of the summer” because as of now it is the ONLY comedy playing right now. However I have seen the other comedies that are opening soon and I can honestly say it is the "funniest comedy of the summer” It is a credit to credit laugh riot! Don’t miss it!!

The Heat 2

******Parental Note******

The film is rated R and it has VERY strong language but nothing really objectionable and contains no nudity or sex and the violence is very mild for this type of movie. I would say it is suitable for older teens.

Qstorm’s All-Time Favorite Movies

Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, 1980

"You think THIS is hot? Wait til you see me in my slave outfit in three years."
"You think THIS is hot? Wait til you see me in my slave outfit in three years."

Um, it's Star Wars.

Seriously, do I need to say more? Oh, maybe I do. It's ORIGINAL trilogy Star Wars. Anything outside of that--OK, I won't get started. But we all know that this is still the best of all the Star Wars films.

This is the film that gave us dialogue that lives in pop culture history.

"I am your father."

This is the film that gave us one of the best improvised lines of all time.

Leia: "I love you!" Han: (all together now) "I know."

This is the film that established Han as a "scoundrel." This is the film where not much was made of a sister kissing her twin brother full on the lips (we weren't aware at the time, but I don't recall hearing any "ewwwws" when Luke and Leia's kinship was revealed in ROTJ. And don't try to sell me that this subplot was planned all along). This is the film that introduced us to Boba Fett, and although I wasn't taken with him, I know my friends, along with legions of other kids, loved the character. The film where we first see Luke and Vader duel! And perhaps best of all, this is the film in the hallowed franchise which proved that sometimes it's better for visionaries to delegate rather than remain hands on, as George Lucas, for whatever reason, relinquished the director's chair to Irvin Kershner.

The movie first crash lands on the icy surface of Hoth, where whites and blues mix to create a vast desolate but beautiful landscape.

Gorgeous miasma of blues and whites


Then there are arachnid evil probes and impressive elephantine AT-ATs.

Spidery probe AT-ATs in all their stop-motion glory

New rebel fighter ships retrofitted for the cold.

New rebel fighter ships

Here it is the year 2013 and the Battle In The Snow still does not look dated, at least not to me.

(Bonus points if you can tell me what current insanely popular pay TV show the actor playing the Imperial commander appears in).

Then the movie drops us in the middle of a murky, damp and misty swamp in the Dagobah system, where we meet a diminutive pop culture giant who has a funny way of speaking and is a master of the Force.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 10.41.17 AM

After that, we travel to the beautiful cloud city of Bespin, a warm locale that always looks lit by "golden hour" sunlight.


Ironic that the most inviting of the three locations proves to be the most dangerous. I loved how this movie transported me to all these contrasting environments, a theme which continues in the subsequent sequel and the prequels (but we don't speak of the prequels, ever).

Then there are the visual effects. I don't care what anybody says...the asteroid sequence in Attack Of The Clones, with all its weightless CG, gargles monkey balls compared to the asteroid sequence in this movie. It is NO CONTEST.

Now, go back and watch that clip again, and this time, listen to the music. Listen to how brilliantly John Williams's score meshes with the visuals. I contend that when you consider the visuals (which were completely non-CGI!!) as well as the music, the asteroid sequence is the best scene of all the Star Wars films. The score for this film, in my humble opinion, contains some of the best motifs in any of his work. It is absolutely beautiful. Outside of the title march from Superman, this is by far my favorite soundtrack by any film composer. How many times as a kid, when you were playing good guys and bad guys, did you hum this ditty:

[youtube id="jH6wXaLQIMQ" width="320" height="240"]

And then, there's the love theme. Williams created different love themes for each of the three original films and they're all great, but this is one is magnificent. It evokes classic Hollywood dashing heroism, undying love and a touch of adventure. I mean, I cannot adequately express how this piece of music affects me, it does something to me on a genetic level; I melt, I soar, sometimes I well up, I'm taken away with this music. Here's a clip from the soundtrack, "Rebel Fleet/End Credits," which is heard at the end of the film; it's all brilliant, but listen to the movement at :58, then go to 4:45 to hear how absolutely beautiful this theme is:

[youtube id="cxezTlYuZuk" width="320" height="240"]

I Williams's use of brass, timpani, swelling strings and his signature touch of pizzicato counterpoint, in this case with wind instruments (I'm guessing flute and piccolo) is just--I want to meet this man before I die. I could write an entire article on how John Williams inspired my love of music. The themes he creates for Yoda (heard at 2:28), for Lando Calrissian (heard as the group first meets Lando on Bespin and are walking through the city, right before C-3PO wanders off and gets shot), are all masterpieces.

Then there's Yoda. Can you even remember a time when you DIDN'T know who Yoda was? Do you recall wondering, who the hell is that pointy-eared green thing that's stealing Luke's food? Can we move this along so we can find out who Yoda is? This film introduces us to one of the most well-known, oft-quoted characters in the history of pop culture. And compare the maquette in this film to the fully CG Yoda in Clones and Sith. Do you REALLY want to go there? The Yoda in this film gives a fully realized, nuanced and excellent performance. He comes close to stealing the show from the human actors. It is difficult to fathom that this is merely a puppet that has Frank Oz's hand shoved up it's ass. Well, Frank Oz also provided the voice, and he KILLS it. The only performance from a non-human character that is equal to or better than this is Andy Serkis's Gollum. That's it. Just like the asteroid sequence, this puppet demolishes the CG Yoda of the prequels.

This movie makes my list because watching it transports me back to 1980 when I was just getting out of grade school, ready to enjoy the summer, completely carefree and eager to see the new Star Wars movie. So many things just blew me away in this movie, most of which I've already described. I was surprised at how dark it was; who would have thought we'd see a severed head in a Star Wars film? And I remember thinking, after Lando, Leia, Chewbacca and the droids fail to rescue the carbonited Han from Boba Fett, that the movie must be extremely long because surely, they're not going to make me wait for another two years to see what happens to Han. And then the end credits came up. And I was FURIOUS! I was LIVID! Oh, HELL NO! I HATED this movie for doing that to me.

But somewhere along the way, I got over it. And I paid to see this movie at least three more times (back then, in a pre-internet, pre-smartphone, hell, even a pre-VCR age, that's the only way you could see a movie, actually in the theaters). I'm still waiting to see a Star Wars that will top Empire Strikes Back; so far, the only movie to top this one is Empire Strikes Back, the special edition, with re-tooled footage. I don't mind the tinkering, as a matter of fact, I like seeing more of Bespin. There is one shot that bothers me, where Lando and Leia are running to save Han and they run by these windows which were originally solid walls. But other than that, as I've said, this is the best Star Wars yet. If J.J. Abrams wants to match this with his new Star Wars film, he better fire his Star Trek creative team (he should've done that already), and bring his A-game.

"Told ya." Ed. note: I was able to flash forward three years to ROTJ and grab this pic even though it has nothing to do with this TESB review...cuz it's my blog and I can.
"Told ya." Ed. note: I was able to flash forward three years to ROTJ and grab this pic even though it has nothing to do with this TESB review...cuz it's my blog and I can.
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Geeked Out Man Of Steel REVIEW

This is it, our official review of Man Of Steel. This week we are joined by JM Bovee from The Retail Pharmacy Podcast as we go into a deep discussion about this reboot of Superman.


QStorm's Blog


Mother of Shooting Victim Let’s Loose Pit Bulls on TV Reporter

[youtube id="9fERCjdQQRY" width="600" height="350"]

When keeping it real goes REAL.

We'll let tell you the details:

Abbey Niezgoda and Marc Jackson went to the home of Melissa Lawrence on Tuesday to ask her for a comment regarding the shooting of her 16-year-old daughter. Though the ABC 6 crew stayed on the public street in front of the Lawrence home, they were attacked by the woman.

As the video above shows, Ms. Lawrence throw  a rock at the cameraman. When that didn't work, she went in the house and got her bat. When the news reporter still didn't take the hint and get the hell from up front her house. Ms. Lawrence let 2 pit bulls out the fence and old school sicced them on the TV reporter. To be clear we here at Podcastjuice don't condone such behavior. Those pit bulls could have savagely mauled that lady. BUT. She wasn't hurt and she came to her sense and dropped the microphone and kicked rocks down the alley. Ms. Lawrence ended up catching a case. She was charged with 2 counts of felony assault. The cameraman aint do a damn thing but film. He wasn't messing with them dogs.



After Earth Review


I went into this movie unaware of the "critical" backlash it was getting by other reviewers. I walked out of the film loving it. Action Sci Fi but with a emotional spin on it. I go into greater detail on why I enjoyed the movie so much in the podcast. One of the main reason I identified with this film was that it centered around a father and son dynamic. Also the imagery of a black father and son protagonists in a science fiction film is unto itself ground breaking. The fact that Will and Jaden are father in son in real life is just icing on the cake.  Co host Qstorm has not seen the movie, but has read the bad reviews online. Has his opinion of the movie been tainted by those reviews? Does cynicism get in the way of our own perception of movies, before we see them? Listen to the show and find out.