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The Prince Podcast: Mayte People Magazine Article

We joined by Dave Buchansky close friend of Mayte to discus the recent People magazine article, featuring excerpts from the upcoming book The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince. We talk about some of the split opinions some fans have about the book.

Intro: Terence Blanchard & the E-Collective
Outro: Natalie Williams - Love 2 the 9's

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Prince In The 90’s


In this weeks episode of  The Prince Podcast we are joined by Arthur and Jehan of The Music Snobs Podcast. We tackle the huge topic of Prince in the 90's. With over 15 albums, a name change, Hip-Hop and the infamous battle with Warner Bros, the 90's for Prince was a roller-coaster.  This is one of our longest shows ever. Over 3 hours of hardcore Prince discussion!