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The Prince Podcast – What If Morris Day Never Left The Prince Camp?

whatifmorrisIn this episode of The Prince Podcast, we take a look at an alternate reality where Morris Day never left the Prince camp. What sort of ramifications would this have had? The Time opening on the Purple Rain tour, The Family, Under The Cherry Moon with Morris and Jesse Johnson's solo career.


Prince Song Tournament: Round 4

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We've gotten down to the regional finals of PodcastJuice's month-long Prince song tourney. It's clear that Purple Rain is a beast, as Prince's seminal album has placed 5 songs in this round of voting and guaranteed at least one spot with The Beautiful Ones squaring off against Let's Go Crazy. 

Help us decide below by voting and check back with us this weekend as the Final Four songs are revealed on this week's episode of the Prince Podcast!

The Prince Podcast – Andre Cymone Interview

DreOn this episode of The Prince Podcast we are joined by one of the pioneers of the Minneapolis sound, Andre Cymone. A very personal, raw and honest conversation about life, Prince, music and family.

Be sure to purchase a copy of Andre's new album: THE STONE.

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The Prince Podcast – 1982 The 1st Dynasty

pp1010In 1982 Prince released 3 albums that would signal the start of his rise to super stardom, Vanity 6, The Time's What Time Is It, and the double album 1999. Discussion about Nasty Girl, 7779311 and 1999 heating up the charts, and a tour where the opening act was starting to upstage the headliner. Also we talk about our favorite  non-Prince concert experiences, Prince coming to Arsenio Hall and Prince "sacking" his bass player.


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