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The Prince Podcast – Listener Spotlight – Pej

Long time Prince fan Pej, shares his story of discovering Prince, a tour of Paisley Park, Review of the Jesse Johnson /  Sonny T / Michael Bland Jimi Hendrix tribute and his experience going to Prince's LA 3121 house.

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Prince Podcast One Month Later Part 2

One month later Part 2...
In the episode we open the phone lines and let the Prince fan community speak.


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The Prince Podcast – Around The World in A Day

aroundtheworld2015The Prince Podcast crew take a look at Prince's 7th album Around The World In A Day. Coming off the super success of Purple Rain, Prince flipped the script and dropped a transformational album that set the stage for a new direction in his musical career.

Round 2: Super Purple Prince Song Tournament

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 8.11.21 PM

Prince Podcast fans, we had some interesting results in Round 1 of our March Madness themed Prince song tourney.

Gone are high seeds #6 'Endorphinemachine', #4 seeds'Do Me, Baby',  and three #5 seeds 'Anna Stesia', '777-9311' & 'Girls & Boys'! All four #1 region seeds remain and now we need your votes again in round 2 of the Super Purple Prince Song Tourney!

So get to voting below!

View the PDF version of the brackets here: Prince Songs Bracket PDF

The Prince Podcast – Let’s Go 2 Paisley Park


On this episode we talk with Dorothy Anthony, the winner of the Art Official Age sweepstakes. Dorothy won a trip to Paisley Park and had the opportunity to spend some time with Prince.  Dorothy shares her amazing experience with the PodcastJuice family.