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“Sexual Harassment-Don’t Point That Thing At Me!”-Episode #51

Join host Darryl E. McCullough with Erika D. White (Carmen Miller was off). Their special in studio guest was Environmentalist Sandra Kosek Sills. In this 51st episode the Full Circle group opens with their impressions of the new banner, now with the addition of new crew member Erika D. White. The group then shares their appreciation to all listeners of the show, especially those who shared episodes with their family and friends. They then give a shout-out to and their gold sponsor for the show “3Kings Clothing!” The group then talks about Last Podcast, in which that topic was "Battle Of The Sexes In Cyberspace" and the effects of Crown Royal. This show is moving along with almost 400 downloads. This leads to Darryl asking the question to the team “What is the purpose of family pics at work?” Also, how bitterly cold it is in Toledo, Ohio. On the political side the group discusses the latest events in the White House concerning President Donald Trump, Roy Moore, Hillary Clinton, Michael Flynn and the importance of voting. This falls of the podcasting rails with Darryl’s frustration diversity and the interracial agenda on television. On the entertainment side the crew thanks their sponsor "Marmite Records" produced by Stone Soup Recording Studios. They discuss the latest celebrity deaths and their anticipation for the upcoming “Black Panther” movie. Darryl gives his review of “The Punisher” and Spike Lee’s rebooted “She’s Gotta Have It” series which are both on Netflix. Erika then talks about the show “Greenleaf” and Darryl with his take of “This Is Us!” Following this the "National Holiday" is announced! Today is National "Clean The Top Of Your Refrigerator” day! Then the crew finally gets into the show topic "Sexual Harassment-Don’t Point That Thing At Me!" The conversation was so escalated that for the first time ever, there were no call in guests! Followed by the "Sanepoet Apology" and "Erika's Fitness Minute." Episode sponsored by 3Kings Clothing, Fit Thick Girls and Stone Soup Recording Studios.

This Is What We Do #6


Spike Lee and Gentrification, Chris Brown has PTSD?, Review of Non Stop, More Matrix movies?, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton separate, TV show Flash costume revealed. should there be a Netflix for comic books?

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