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“Battle Of The Sexes In Cyberspace!”-Episode #50

Join host Darryl E. McCullough with co-hosts Carmen Miller and Erika D. White. Their special in studio guests Toledo’s own “3 Kings Clothing” owners and operators Mike Purdue, Archie Beasley and Joey Martin. In this 50th episode the Full Circle group opens a discussion on the team reaching their 2nd year of podcasting. The group then shares their appreciation to all listeners of the show, especially those who shared episodes with their family and friends. They then give a shout-out to and their gold sponsor for the show “3Kings Clothing!” Following this the in studio guests give an update on what is going on with them, their business and their podcasting venture in early 2018! Darryl then gives thanks to Archie Beasley for showing him how to do the “Black Handshake.” The group then talks about Last Podcast, in which that topic was "Political Correctness! For Better, Or For Worse!" This episode is chugging along over 300 audio downloads. This leads to Darryl asking the question to the team “Has Anyone Ever Prayed That Got A Person’s Voicemail?” On the political side the group discusses the latest events in the White House concerning President Donald Trump. This leads to a conversation on allegations of sexual assault. Also, the group has a brief discussion on gun control. On the entertainment side the crew thanks their sponsor "Marmite Records" produced by Stone Soup Recording Studios. The group discusses the latest viral video featuring Tyrese. Following this the "National Holiday" is announced! Today is National "Stop Posting On Facebook Does Anyone Know How To Jailbreak A Firestick” day! Then the crew finally gets into the show topic "Battle Of The Sexes In Cyberspace!" Their featured call-in guest was Kim Chapman one of the hosts of the podcast “Sit With Us” and “The Charm Skool Show!” Also a very heartfelt viewpoint from friend of the show Brandi Byas. Followed by the "Sanepoet Apology" and "Erika's Fitness Minute." Episode sponsored by 3Kings Clothing, Fit Thick Girls and Stone Soup Recording Studios.

This is What We Do #29


Michael Dean gets clowned over his old school rap video:

Also we talk about high school students having guns in there class photos, Kids standing up to bullies, Teachers having sex with students, Tyrese addressing gay rumors and Bill Cosby asks QStorm if he's gay. (True Story!)

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