The Full Circle: Episode #40 – “Relationships: How Do You Make-Up & Podfading!”

Join hosts Darryl E. McCullough, Carmen Miller with A Whitney Petty and Erika D White over the phone lines. In this episode the “Full Circle” group opens with Darryl expressing how texting with Erika made him accidently fill his gas tank up! The group then shares their appreciation to all listeners of the show, especially those who shared episodes with their family and friends. They then give a “shout-out” to the “PodcastJuice” network and then appreciation to the shows two sponsors “Fit Thick Girls” and “Marmite Records” produced by Stone Soup Recording Studios. The group then talks about “Last Podcast!” In which that topic was “Comic Book Artists, Painters & Our Big News!” This episode did almost 600 in downloads! They then discuss their “Big News” which dealt with the “National Podcast Power Conference” coming up September 23, 2017 in Perrysburg, Ohio. This will feature some great podcasters from around the world! There will be Lunchtime Vendors tables and a great “live” concert following! For more information and tickets please visit On the political side the group discusses the latest news involving Donald Trump. They also get into information concerning the acquittal of the policeman who shot and killed Philando Castile. This leads to a conversation on “Black Lives Matter” and Stevie Wonder. On the entertainment side the crew discusses the celebrity deaths of Adam West and the rapper Prodigy. A discussion on the “BET Awards” lasted for one second. They then get into a conversation about John McEnroe’s comments on Serena Williams. Carmen brought up the new series “American Gods” and made mention of a particular character in the show. The group then receives a call from Talisa Rae to review the TNT show called “Claws.” Following this the “National Holiday” is announced! Today is National “Get Rid Of Your Jailbroke Firestick” day! Finally the crew then addresses the show topic “Relationships: How Do You Make-Up & Podfading!" Our featured call-in guests were Bob Waltenspiel and David Phillips the hosts of the “IT in The D” podcast and the creators of The Podcast Detroit Network. Additional call-in guests were Mayoral candidate of Detroit and arts advocate Ingrid LaFleur. YouTube entertainment reviewer Talisa Rae. The comedian and host of the “S. Anthony Says” podcast S. Anthony Thomas. The host of the “Sneaker Box” podcast Rashone Bryant a.k.a “Afrikan Caesar.” Broadcast Media Specialist, YouTube Content Creator and one of the co-host of the “Billy T Detroit Radio” podcast Racquel Shelby. Also the host, producer and writer for the “RedRock Podcast Network” home of “The Shiznit Show” Dino Red. Episode sponsored by Fit Thick Girls and Stone Soup Recording Studios.