The Full Circle: Episode #45 – “Health & Wellness Life Coaches-Who’s Your Guru?”

Join hosts Darryl E. McCullough, and Erika D. White with special in studio guest Sonia Fouronenine. (A Whitney Petty and Carmen Miller were off tonight). In this episode the Full Circle group opens with Darryl mentioning how Erika bring a little “R” rating to the show. On the political side the group the reprimands Darryl for his views of the confederate statues and the National Anthem. On the entertainment side the crew thanks their sponsor "Marmite Records" produced by Stone Soup Recording Studios. The group then sadly reports the deaths of guitarist Walter Becker who was the co-founder of Steely Dan. He was 67. Also condolences to the family of our podcast brother from the PodcastJuice family Sean Hill. He was on our show for a movie review. We were shocked to hear the news of his death from Michael Dean on an app that we all share and communicate with each other daily. Shaun was 43. The mood is then lightened by Darryl expressing his concerns with a new commercial for Liquid plumber. The crew then discusses the season finale of Game of Thrones and how now there is nothing left to watch. This leads to a discussion about the most recent Insecure episode. This gets into a debate about racial stereotypes when it comes to Black vs White Women and oral sex?

Following this the "National Holiday" is announced! Today is National "Use Caution Around Black Men That Use The Word Awesome Too Much” day! Then the crew finally gets into the show topic " Health & Wellness Life Coaches-Who’s Your Guru?" With their featured call-in guest author, transformational speaker and Life & Master Biz Coach Terre Holmes. Additional call-in guests were the founder at FuseBox Media Mary Nichols. One of the hosts of the “What More Can I Say” podcast Dexter Joyner, and the author, advocate for women’s rights, an avid bike rider Dee Simone. Followed by the "Sanepoet Apology" and "Erika's Fitness Minute."

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    R I P Sean Hill