The Full Circle Podcast Show: Episode #29 – “After The Donald Trump Inauguration!”

Please take a listen to the #29 episode of The Full Circle podcast show! The topic is “After The Donald Trump Inauguration!" Join host Darryl E. McCullough and co-host Carmen Miller with special returning in-studio guest Toledo’s own jazz vocalist and recording artist Ramona Collins!
Featured call-in guest were the author, activist and actress Erin L. Sands! You’ll remember her from television appearances in NYPD Blue, The Wayans Bros., The Parkers, and movie appearance the 1993 film “Menace II Society.” Additional call-in guests were J Cleveland Payne the host of “Step To Your Better You” and “The Ten Minute Life Coaching Program” podcast. Vernon Blanson one of the host of the “University College” podcast. Lateresa Jones who is an author and life coach. Mike Jones a.k.a “The Reel QStorm” who is a member of the “Podcast Juice Network” crew and host of “The Red Shirts” and the “Q World Order!” Great opinions on a very serious subject!