The Prince Podcast – First Avenue, Minneapolis March 21st 1987 – Commentary

On this episode of the Prince Podcast we do a fan commentary of the classic Sign O The Time Preview concert  "4 Those Of U On Valium".  This landmark show was the 1st public performance of the Sign O The Times band.  Recorded at First Avenue, Minneapolis March 21st 1987. Prince had the show professional shot. The video was never released to the public and may never see a official release. Over the years fans have acquired this concert and it remains one of the best video testaments of  the Sign O The Times show.  So if you have a copy of this, sit back and listen to the fellas discuss this classic performance.

Bonus talk:1:17:05

Most of times after the podcast recording we get into lengthy discussions about Prince that normally ends up on the cutting room floor.  Michael Dean after a few to many glasses on wine, gives his opinion on Prince and his influences.


We do not condone the selling of bootlegs, nor do we offer unreleased copy-written materials.  Your on your own!

Michael Dean is the founder and host of PodcastJuice. Michael is also a musician, author. His latest science fiction novel: Truths Destiny is available on Amazon.

  • Dee

    Hi Mike, another great show. Have you guys already done a 1999 LP review? If not, I think it was hela dope to doone on that CD as well as the Triple Threat tour. Maybe do a tie-in with The Time first 2 albums as well.

  • pdexter

    great show guys. cant wait for another and stop picking on wally moobs!!!

  • Sean Gregory

    Great idea for a podcast.

    I am glad that I wasn’t on the line trying to talk about it because I would have just kept repeating “This show is so fucking good”. Great songs, great band, great performance. What must the audience have been thinking? I would like to believe, even though they were sad to see the band from the movie gone, that this new thing was ridiculous.

    • This concert performance is golden. Maybe some point in our lifetime Prince or his family will release all this greatness.

  • Elle85n09

    I just saw this today Michael, and wanted to thank you for doing the show. I enjoyed watching the performance with, and hearing the feedback from, everyone. Can’t wait for the next concert podcast with you guys! ~ <3 ~