The Prince Podcast – Andre Cymone Interview

DreOn this episode of The Prince Podcast we are joined by one of the pioneers of the Minneapolis sound, Andre Cymone. A very personal, raw and honest conversation about life, Prince, music and family.

Be sure to purchase a copy of Andre's new album: THE STONE.

Michael Dean: @Mdean
Marc Wiggins: @BigSexyInSac
Sean Hill: @hillstreetviewz



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Michael Dean is the founder and host of PodcastJuice. Michael is also a musician, author. His latest science fiction novel: Truths Destiny is available on Amazon.

  • ozuhas

    Great interview. Andre was funny,thoughtful and quite the character as a youth. And Michael your interview skills has improved. Thanks for this podcast : )

    • Thanks ozhas!

      • Christopher Pugliese

        I agree. You steered that interview well. Great questions. Good that you didn’t hammer him with too many Prince questions even though anyone would be tempted to. Also, it could have gotten uncomfortable or awkward at times, especially when he spoke about his Mom’s passing. But you stayed cool headed and handled it with compasiion and respect.

  • Callis

    Andre seems like a real down to earth cool person. Definitely, not on that “star” trip. His stories about his early days and 1st meeting Prince are priceless and comical, at the same time. “Charles’ cousin and friend”, “Phoenix”…LOL! His first time meeting Morris Day was also a laugh riot! I love the way he tells the stories of his early childhood and his love for music. When you get it from the source, instead of journalists, you start to realize media “drama”/”gossip” is all BS!

    • Yes, he was super cool. Made the whole interview easy.

  • Christopher Pugliese

    Hello Mike D ! Congratulations on an absolutely great interview. In all the years I’ve been listening to your show, this was by far your best work.

  • Osyrus

    He’s talking about Kid Creole and the CoConuts on French TV, being the influence for The Time

  • The Minneapolis Sound

    Nice interview. Not annoyingly many Prince-related questions. Your curiosity towards the minneapolis scene as a whole probably made this interview alot easier for all parts to just speak freely. I Andre sounds like such a humble and passionate musician that also admits some cockyness in his youth. Some pride is nice to have though, if one wants to compete with the best 🙂 and they did.

    Lovely interview. I’m listening to this for the 3rd time now, even though it lasted for 2,5 hours. It says alot about how interesting the interview is.

    • The 3rd time. Ahh wow, thanks for letting me live in your ear. 🙂

  • trish

    awesomeo interview

    • Thank you trish! I hope you stick around and check out the other shows aswell.

  • ElVee

    Belated thanks for another great episode. I had a nine hour flight to Japan the other week and this interview helped my flight go quicker. I’d never actually heard any of Andre’s solo work before and listening to this convinced me to buy his debut CD. It’s great!

  • love4oneanothertheoriginal

    that was the bomb and hilarious! oh the images in my head about pulling the bike from the creek lol

  • becky madrid

    you know, Cymone, i dont know, you know?

  • Dre is str8 real…

    Like his pointers bout bein a good musician, which is practice, practice, practice..

    Also, I agree 100% about today’s music having absolutely no life in it.

    I wanted a keyboard that had no midi connectors, or usb, no way to hook it to a computer, because I have several of them already, so I wanted to return to the old school way of making music, because I was making music way too fast, but something was missing.

    One day I’m out walking, & what do I run across that someone set on a curve, a yamaha keyboard that has no midi or usb connections, & it works!!. God is good!! I didn’t have to buy one, even though I may buy a better one later. At least it’s a starter..

    It forces me to make real music without cheating, so I’m with u Dre, today’s music needs substance, anyone can copy another, but let’s do like Prince did, follow the music & voice in your own mind, not some one else’s..