The Prince Podcast – Choices


Impromptu show where we take a look at some of Princes career choices over the years. Should Prince have participated in the We Are The World recording, duet with Michael Jackson, and bring the Sign O' The Times tour to America?

Michael Dean is the founder and host of PodcastJuice. Michael is also a musician, author. His latest science fiction novel: Truths Destiny is available on Amazon.

  • Alexnmind

    Hmmmm…on the dancing tip …if Prince had pulled up doing the moon walk they would have gone crazy. Im stil listening to the podcast.

    • Moonwalking in high heels would have been funny.

  • David E. Wilson

    Just listened to the Choices episode. Prince’s biggest mistake of his career during the ’80s specifically is spreading his talent too thin amongst too his protégés. I always imagined what would happen if The Time and Vanity 6 were never created as we as all of his other satellite groups, and he kept all of his best material for himself and his own albums. And even a step further, never started that whole trend if B-sides were placed on albums. He would have sold more albums, made more money, win more awards and I would say right now would be mentioned in the same company as Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Paisley Park could have still been created but should have given those artists control over their own work and not just another creative outlet for Prince. He would have been huge. Definitely his biggest mistake.

  • HowsQuakin

    Guys another great show and thoughtful conversation. I’m in agreement with a lot of comments made. He did spread himself thin in the 80s, and to me seemed schizophrenic when ATWIAD was released. While his music output was peaking, the real mistake was the constant restructuring of his image. The music got lost in the cloud pattern jump suits, hip-huggers, satin suit & tie, the nude lovesexy cover, and the neon junkie-chic of SOTT. This was the MTV era, and image mattered. I believe he was trying too hard to marry the music with a “new” style. And those styles were just not good. Almost made him look cartoonish and distracted listeners from giving the music the attention it deserved. IMO, ATWIAD, Parade, Lovesexy, SOTT were major achievements. Much stronger albums today than they were then IMO. The “style o the times” has faded, and those albums would be served well by a special re-release to include live performances from each tour. Hard-core and fair-weather fans would easily recognize how cutting edge his creativity was at that time. And new fans wouldn’t be distracted by the peach colored lounge pants and paisley turtle neck sweaters.