Michael Dean is the founder and host of PodcastJuice. Michael is also a musician, author. His latest science fiction novel: Truths Destiny is available on Amazon.

  • ElVee

    I’ve noticed that all your most recent episodes aren’t appearing in my subscription feed on my iPhone anymore – any idea why? Looking forward to listening to this tomorrow morning.

    • Try re subscribing. It looks to be working now.

    • Try re subscribing to the feed. It should be working now.

  • 2tha9s

    I’m about halfway through the podcast but thought I’d say thanks to you MD and your distinguished panel of guests! Shout out to Day Droppin for the exceedingly thoughtful insight. I always come away with more than I came with, after having listened to your detailed review(s)! Peace and Love2tha9s –

  • Dream331

    Good to find this podcast still going.. It’s been several years since I heard you guys. Brings back good memories from the freedom train days. Sadly, I have to say I come back for what to me is one of the worst Prince records ever! Dang! I’m like Ken when he said he had a hard time listening and/or sitting thru this album. Personally I can’t. I’m embarrassed to play this record to where folks could see me listening to it.. It’s a joke to say this new record is “experimental” when as mentioned it sounds like the same old stuff that’s out now. Joshua’s production is over-produced. I’m still waiting for Prince to actually do what he champions all the time “real music played by real musicians.” I would give anything for Prince to have a production ala D’Angelo, Van Hunt… That to me WOULD be different in today’s environment musically and hopefully lyrically as well. Anyway, tracks I liked on this record are 1000 X’s, June and though it’s hard to count this song because it was on the last record, I like This Could Be Us. Overall, I’m on some “Sean” as Michael Dean said except for that double entendre stuff I agree with him 1000%.. This record is weak