The Prince Podcast – Mayte Book Review, Listener Phone Calls

We open up the phone lines and get you the listeners to weigh in on Mayte's book. Also Universal may try to cancel its deal with the Prince Estate.
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  • Danny G

    Some great points in this podcast- when you talk about Prince not giving back The Family or The Time’s name when they made their recent records, the Chris Brown comment cracked me up, and I agree about your comments on Mayte. Let her say what she wants to say, its not all about money, she had a life that mattered too and fans want to hear her story.

  • Jana Oregon

    Have been looking forward to your review on this. I think Prince may have been interfering from heaven by the sounds of the audio and all the interruptions;) BUT, the subject matter was so good I almost didn’t mind. I have the audio book and agree it is really something and I highly recommend it. From this woman’s POV, I feel she has every right to share her truth. Nothing she said made me feel differently about Prince, I am still a fan. But rather helped put some of the pieces of the puzzle together. As was pointed it, he came from a dysfunctional home and was emotionally compromised, he never really grew past his neeed for control, which likely came from having none as a young child. He was basically on his own from age 12 forward. But despite this he had a big, generous heart and tried to do the right thing most of the time. (the best he knew how) He has said on more than one occasion that he had made some mistakes in his youth and he learned from most of them. One thing I found really interesting was the DNA and the baby, there wasn’t a lot of clarity there. Having a medical background I am pretty sure there is more to this than Mayte shared. She was open but selective with what she shared. It was her truth and I hope it helps her and others. And finally, at age 16, when somebody like Prince is writing you letters and calling you from all over the world, and your parents are supporting this, I would think that sets up a pretty strange foundation for a relationship. How does a kid even understand all there is to this type of thing. He was controlling this situation, and really he could have found any dancer he wanted..Mayte is great, but it is very obvious he had something more in mind for this beautiful teenager.