The Prince Podcast – Musicology Review


We give a track for track review of Prince's 27th studio album 'Musicology'. Musicology was initially released in March 2004 with the start of the Musicology Tour and included with the price of the concert ticket.  In April of the same year Prince joined forces with Sony to release a retail version of the album.
How does Musicology hold up 10 years later? Listen and found out.

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Michael Dean is the founder and host of PodcastJuice. Michael is also a musician, author. His latest science fiction novel: Truths Destiny is available on Amazon.

  • lakerskings1

    Hey Mike I love your podcast its one of my favorites. The Prince Musicology Episode was funny you had the one dude Big Ken about to kill somebody over a song lol.

  • El Vee

    Thank you all for another great episode. Long hours at work are killing me at the moment and your podcasts really help my day go faster. Appreciate it.

    • Your comment lets me know I’m doing my job! 🙂
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      It will ask for your All Access password and login. Once entered you will see a listing of classic shows that are NOT listed on this site and only available to All Access members. ENJOY!

  • Miriam Ní Fhathaigh

    Yo Michael I just adored this episode. It made me laugh so hard! Especially the bit where one of the dudes objects to his Prince fandom being called into question. Also loved Bigsexy’s take on ‘Call my Name’ (for me, an everlasting classic in the Prince canon). This cheered me up so much today! Love from Dublin