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  • Pedro E. Thormodsen

    Great show as always, thanks guys. The SNL show didn’t really hit a high note with me, still, I’ll watch it some more times to let it grow.

    You guys didn’t touch upon the selection of the 4 songs for the show. Myself, I’m very surprised he chose Marz as one of the four. Also, starting of behind the keys and let Lianne get center stage and the spot seemed strange. Thirdly, letting the other backup singer sit on the amp in the back, and having those two husbands on the side, didn’t really add anything to the act. It all seemed a bit loose, and not in the pocket, compared to SNL 1981 for example.

    But it’s so great that he did all new material and I don’t really care about his clothes and ‘fro, as long as his delivering new music stuff as he does.

  • Pedro E. Thormodsen

    2 more things: is Alan Leeds mad ’cause Ida is wearing Eric Leeds’ costume from the Sign of the Times tour? And why is Donna moving so strangely (a mix between hopping and crawling) back and forth on the stage? Impossible not to focus on it once you see it. Oh, and that “electric” sign she’s wearing…

    • Haha yeah Donna I wonder did she do those sort of moves in her own band, before Prince.

  • KaBoom

    Good show Gents! I’ll preface my comments here. I am a long time Prince fan. I promise. Not a hater 🙂

    One word SNL performance review: Crap.
    You nailed it for me Mr. Dean. It just wasn’t up to the lofty standards of previous performances. It didn’t sound good, musicianship was sloppy, and he looked disengaged and bored.

    I listen to all of your shows. And I wonder when the time will come when an honest discussion about Prince’s quality and relevance will emerge. He’s just not as good as he used to be. Musically, creatively, or otherwise. He’s a legend, and consistently better than the low standard the modern industry puts out today. Is he pushing the envelop, making cutting edge contributions to his catalog and legacy? No way.

    I argue that he has lost his creative partnership abilities. Revolution, NPG, Larry Graham, Blackwell. They influenced him to be a better performer. I’d go as far to say they were teaching him. Now he’s the teacher, trying to get 3EG to a performance level and taking a back seat. It shows. Prince is an influencer, not a teacher. He should stick to.his core competencies.

    We’ve all seen him dominate a stage. Just him and a guitar. He doesn’t need to approach his creativity like a novelty. I think Alan Leeds comments are spot on and painfully close to the truth. He looks foolish.

  • DianaGenell

    Diana here…
    To be clear, Dean did not state anything about the performance being ‘crap’. He said it was dope, which it was. For this podcast, I have to echo his review 100%. He was speaking from a certain angle. When you just watch it, it awesome! But when you watch it and stop to really process it against the man’s artist history, you end up feeling like Mike. It was dope, but it was not up there on that OTHER level that only Prince can go to and take fans to. But it was the shit. It was. And, it wasn’t that high up spiritual artist stuff he is capable of. It wasn’t. And that’s ok. But yah, man, the Afro. It was just off enough, you know someone will get a note about that shit! And the ‘unplug’. Although, I secretly LOVED that. The realness of that. He just picked it up and plugged in like a normal dude. Loved it!!! The overall set up…meh. But whatever. He is doing well, very well. Go on Prince.

  • KaBoom

    Hey Diana. I like your comments, and I should clarify. My use of the word “crap” is in reference to the Prince’s performance on SNL. Not Mr. Dean’s review of said performance. In reading my “rant” below, it appears I am attacking the reviewer. Not what I intended. Sorry, Michael! Much respect.
    I’ll restate. Prince is capable of much better. Since we get so few of these nationally televised performances from him, I expected a better sound/show/song selection, blah, blah, blah. The whole set seemed indulgent, barely rehearsed, and unenthusiastic.

    • KaBoom, I got what you were saying before. 🙂

    • DianaGenell

      Oh no..didn’t take it that way. Just recalling that mr dean made it clear he thought the performance was cool, maybe not all we want, but cool and not ‘crap’