The Prince Podcast – The Otherside

This episode is something very different! Lisa Mahon Wechtenhiser from Purple Saturation Experience contacted Michael Dean about a message from Prince, from the other side? Say what now?

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Michael Dean is the founder and host of PodcastJuice. Michael is also a musician, author. His latest science fiction novel: Truths Destiny is available on Amazon.

  • Evin Isar

    WORD.I’ve had several dreams where his music has been “featured”(as recent as the 7th)since his passing.Its not “weird” at All,keep in mind we Only use 2% of our brain power(left lobe),the other 98%(right)has Infinite possibilities


    If this woman is a so called psychic she would be more useful (to his fans, his family and especially the police investigating his death) if she would refrain from all the silly chat she’s been having with “Prince” and get down to business regarding his sudden death from a fentanyl overdose. Ask about the pills he took and the ones the authorities found at Paisley Park, where did he obtain them?, who purchased them?, Kirk Johnson’ role in his death, the reason why he was addicted to opoids and also why was he found in the elevator, where was he going and why was his clothes on backwards? Those are the things she should be discussing with “Prince”.

    • There’s a great article from another channel where Prince addressed that specific topic. You might find it interesting. He does give a little bit of info on his death, and how it was not natural:

      • Marianna

        I just finished reading the two part conversation with Prince and I couldn’t help but be reminded of the visitation dream I had with him myself. Very profound…It definitely struck a chord with me on a deep spiritual level. What were your thoughts on it?

    • Laur Frances


    • Marianna

      I agree!

  • Shay

    Love ❤️ this podcast!! Wonderful, fantastic and superb!! We all know how spiritual Prince is from his music espiecially his fans!! Love Lisa for being brave and bringing Prince thru to continue to keep his message alive which is
    ” love4oneanother”
    As for the previous comment, as Prince experienced in his own life, what the media says usually promotes fear and misinformation. If you listen to the podcast Lisa is not a crime Psychic. Prince is working with her to create the highest potential for people and their lives. He loved to help, especially women. Be open to your best self, don’t let the media keep you fear ridden.

  • Jackie V

    curious what does big sexy think?

  • Roberta

    Intresting podcast to say the least. Again, I strongly believe that Prince was involved in either high level occultism or at the least esoteric studies while alive. I’m not sure if the guest is referring to Saint Germain or Saint Germaine since these were 2 totally different people…one was a male who wad an ascended master (read in lay terms a high level demon) and master alchemist. The other was a female who was raised to the level of a saint by the Catholic church following her death. What I googled on both persons could have elements in common with Prince’s life events that shaped who he became & what he studied/believed. Wasn’t it Prince himself who proclaimed that “I’m not a woman, I’m not a man…I am something that you’ll never understand”…? Another interesting note is that Prince himself changed his own name to a sigil during the time of the drawn out battle with Warner Bros. over his upside down contract where he must of unknowingly (my assumption) signed over the rights to his own birth name, had it copyrighted & trademarked, and was from then on pimped into indefinite servitude with Warners. If it’s true that Warner’s paid the family somewher in the $30 million dollar range for the rights to all the art/music/film in Prince’s vault & then got a deposition filed where they put a lien against what was offered to his estate/family, then those bastards have even pimped him yet in death. Like anyone else who considers themselves a member of the Purple Family I would love to hear those jewels,but at the same time I would feel as though I were infringing on grounds where I may not have the right to be because I truly feel if Prince wanted that music released while he was alive that HE would have done so. Besides, I don’t want to give Warner Bros 1 damn dollar of my hard earned money considering their crappy dealing with Prince when he was with us. My point, which I digressed from, is that the sigil created came from alchemy (and the occult I believe)…thus leading back to Prince’s energy being tied with that of Saint Germain. Another thread I follow on youtube concerning Prince (“Fiona 3000”) it was mentioned after one of the “Prince & Vanity:the supernatural lovers” video episodes that to get an understanding of Prince’s involvement in the occult one would have to google & study up on Saint Germain. That was stated back somewhere around January or February of this year. So to hear your guest mention the name of Saint Germain in not a coincidence to me. Was it just me or did the co-host truly scramble both your brain AND ears trying to get the correct name of the website she mentions somewhere around the 41 minute marker? Damn, I rewound that part back like 4 or 5 times and I still couldn’t figure out what in the “f” she said! Why not just post a simple link to it? Otherwise I’d say that this was an interesting podcast, but something I’d steer away from since the Bible does command us to stay away from soothsayers & diviners. Nothing against the guest. I just simply don’t want to open the door to that type of stuff in my life. The comment about “Get Out” was appropriate, funny,yet true.

  • Laur Frances

    No I’m sorry I can’t believe her .. she talks to fast too nervous nope sorry! ..