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  • Michael

    What are your top Prince albums?

  • FACE

    What is Tobias talking about? Halloween? Sign O the Times was peach and black; not orange and black. Well, at least Emancipation was mentioned. I place it among his best as a complete body of work. It was a 3 disc set that still deserved to be a 3 disc set and only Prince is prolific enough to make a 3 disc set. I don’t believe in “condensing” an epic from a genius (people love to say it should have been a single disc).

    And as much people take it for granted, Purple Rain still belongs there. It is still one of the greatest of all time. Rainbow Children deserves a mention in my opinion – not necessarily top 3. Parade is probably the most underrated Prince album of all.

    On the other hand, Jill Jones is the most overrated Prince production. She was never a great vocalist but we know that never stopped Prince. Better choices for me are Madhouse 6, the first 2 Time albums (just indispensable), Times Squared by Eric Leeds and even the Family album. For fun, I still go to Vanity 6, Gold Nigga, Mazarati (if you call them Prince proteges) and Sheila E’s Glamorous Life.

  • FACE

    And Prince never needed Wendy and Lisa – and still doesn’t.