The U.S.S. Internet crew journeys into a region of space filled with two-parters. In this episode, we explore our favorites and our least favorites. Q raises a question about the universal translator and there's a distress call from the production of Star Trek Discovery. Plus, Trek Trivia II: The Wrath Of Craig!

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Qstorm aka Indiana Jonez aka the east side Uatu aka Norrin Raddical aka Michael Jones. I have a love of movies; there's nothing better (besides Halle Berry in a negligee) than a movie that transports you to another world, place, or time. I own my own video/multimedia production company, Qstorm Media Group and have been working in film and video since 1988. You just need to know one thing about me: if I believe I'm right, I'll fight to the death. And on that note, check out more of my rambling at, on Twitter @qstorm3476, on Facebook as Michael Jones, and here at Podcast Juice! And check out Red Shirts, a Star Trek podcast on iTunes!